Thursday, 27 February 2014

Butterick 5699 See & Sew dress - Liberty and wool

Another week, another dress. Or two - this dressmaking thing is addictive I'm finding. I'm getting a bit worried about what I do with my already crammed wardrobe! I've had this particular pattern for a while, and was attracted by the wide waist yoke. I made it up first out of a Liberty Tana Lawn map print. The finishing isn't perfect. I was meant to topstitch everywhere, but after attempting the yoke, I gave up any more as my top stitching is a little wonky. Fortunately it doesn't really show on this too badly.

I tried to insert a zip - still not brilliant at this, but I sort of like the visible approach on this one.
But overall, it was a fun one to do.

I then decided to make it up out of a length of wool I've had for a long, long time.

There was just enough. I lined it with a purple, which looks read, but is purple!

And I think I prefer it in the wool:

It makes the fabulous design stand out far more.

I also used binding for the neckline to give a bit of contrast. So that's the latest in my dressmaking adventures.


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Granny's Button Box said...

Hi, your dresses look great. A couple of great tips I found on line. Inserting a zip, use strips of painters masking tape on the back to hold it in place then sew on the front, you can sew over the tape, I saw a tutorial on utube but didn't make a note of the site. I use a quarter inch foot so my seams are always straight and even. Good luck.