Friday, 26 April 2013

Three easy skirts - first steps in dressmaking

I'm so hooked on dressmaking now. Well, skirt making, but my first dress is coming along. I've finished off three in the past couple of days. The tops and hems were waiting on getting done, and a zip here or there. I'm pleased I've actually got these things tidied up. The stamp print was a fabric I bought from America. The pattern is taken from Tanya Whelan's brilliant book Sew what you Love, which I really would recommend. There are things I don't like about this skirt, but it's an simple introduction to making a skirt, as there's no waistband to worry about, and the zip insertion is easy.

I also finished the hem for the skirt I made for the Abakhan blog challenge in my post here. I love this pattern, and will definitely be using it again, but will practise getting the yoke the right size first. I love the fact it's got a yoke, belt loops (I chose not to make up the belt, as I wanted to wear a contrast belt), a zip, and pockets. And it's easy too.

And I then half used a pattern and half did my own thing. I wanted to try a lined skirt, so lined this one, which has given it a much better feel. I decided to make a waistband, in a contrast red, and I'm pleased with how it's turned out. 

Best of all is getting to use some of my lovely fabrics on clothing where I can look at them.  :) 


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The Country Rose said...

Those skirts are literally fabulous! So impressed x