Friday, 19 April 2013

Simplicity 2226 skirt - such a fabulous skirt

So, the lovely people at Abakhan asked me to do another project, and without realizing its fame, I chose to try a skirt pattern, Simplicity 2226 to be precise. This is for their blog challenge on a budget, which I started last year, and for it I received the above: a pattern, fabric, zip, and interfacing. I thought this looked a great pattern, with its four variations, pockets, and even a belt, and belt casings. I've since found this was part of a Sewalong by Noodlehead (which was a lovely way to discover a wonderful new blog) and is a very popular pattern. As the Sewalong was some time ago, I didn't refer to it. I suggest you do if you, like me, are new to dressmaking, as she makes each stage very clear. When I was ploughing through the pattern, I had to backtrack and rectify a couple of mistakes, and in the end fitted a smaller skirt to a larger yoke. But I'm really pleased with the resulting skirt, and that's one of the beauties of the pattern - it really is very adaptable and forgiving. I especially loved the fabric I chose - this one, which I thought was excellent value at £6.25 a metre. So, on to a look at what I did.

I first traced the size I thought I'd be. This turned out to be not such a good move as I ignored the pattern sizing instructions (in my defence, I was coming up a lot larger than I've ever been!). This was my first mistake. Follow the packet advice! :) Anyway, because I traced the size I thought I was, I still have my original intact, to retrace when I next make this skirt.

Once that was done I cut the pattern pieces. I then had to recut the pockets as I cut them the wrong way. :) Told you I made a couple of silly mistakes. This is the way they should be cut if you have a definite print (here lying in place right side down on the skirt front):

I don't know how others do it, but I marked the dots like this, putting a pin through the spot on the pattern, and circling where the pin was on the wrong side of the fabric with a pencil:

It worked for me, though I kind of lost the plot with the dots. I haven't the patience to go matching dots. But the finished skirt still works. :) Popping the pockets in place was simple, and I then overstitched in a contrasting thread.

This pattern is lovely, and comes together so quickly. Even adding the yoke (one of my other mistakes - do have patience (lacking in my approach to dressmaking) and cut a test piece from cheap cotton first, as mine was too small and I had to recut) was simple:

I'm thrilled with my skirt. It fits. It has pockets. It has belt loops. I've just the hem to do now.

I'll post a final picture once that's done.


bellaboo said...

How clever are you?! I wouldn't have the patience for something like that.
Thank you for popping over and leaving a lovely comment.
Happy weekend to you!

Bellaboo X

Granny's Button Box said...

Love the skirt well done. I did sewing at school over 40 yrs ago, but I seem to remember that we did tailors tacks to mark the dots. While the pattern is still on the fabric, use a double threaded needle, push through the fabric leaving a tail sticking out, back up through the fabric and repeat leaving another tail when your cut off the thread, then careful prise the pattern off the threads (tearing it a bit). then carefully pull the fabric apart and snip the threads in the middle, this leaves you with a loop of thread in both pieces of material to match up. Try Utube for a demo. Cheers Sharon