Friday, 12 April 2013

Happy pigs in mud cake

So, when we saw the internet cake masterpiece of the happy bunch of pigs in mud recently, my daughter knew exactly what she wanted for her birthday cake, as no doubt countless others have wanted since the original was posted. So I made this for her today. Our very own pigs in mud. :)

Here's a link to the original pigs in mud cake. And here's the English translation from the original Dutch.

Regular visitors to my blog may recognize the pigs from a previous cake (I tend to reuse some of the iced makes) but I needed more pigs. Specifically some piggy bottoms. It was really fun putting these together.

I couldn't use the previous pigs on the top, though they tried it out before the delicious ganache went on (boy, I could eat so much of that stuff)...

... so they went on the side, as they didn't want to be left out. This was such an easy cake to make, and it's a really fun one. The party's tomorrow.


Poppins Creations said...

Wow, this looks amazing!
Too good to eat really. Bet it was scrumptious though :) Hope you enjoyed it!

I'm having a giveaway over on my blog if you would like to have a look.


Cheap2Chic said...

Absolutely brilliant! I sort of cheated and bought my little pigs on ebay x

emma said...

I love this!!! so cool!