Monday, 28 May 2012

An Abakhan challenge: under £15 for a bag + skirt

I love a challenge, and so I jumped at the chance to sign up for a challenge Abakhan put out recently, to spend a limited amount in their lovely shop, and make something. I decided to choose a simple bag pattern and some contrasting fabric. So I chose (and they kindly supplied):

The fabric is gorgeous - a fine cord, with a striking pattern, and they have it in three colourways. I chose a metre each of blue and yellow. The pattern - this one - was easy to follow. A total spend of £14.21 on those three. I made one of the bags, and love it. I did have to add some small bits and pieces, but they were from my stash, so nothing very pricey, so I feel I kept well within budget as I have quite a bit of the blue fabric left.

The cord is thick, so didn't need interfacing, but I did use some of my wadding to give it a padded effect. I could have lined with the cord, but I chose a piece of my own fabric as a contrast, a pink. It fastens with velcro. I also added a thick interfacing to the handle from my own stash.

I then made a skirt, a simple reversible wrap skirt.

I chose a lining from my stash, and added a ribbon. Here's the reverse.

I've still got to make something else from the remaining fabric. But I'm so pleased to have taken a part in the challenge. Part of the fun was putting my own stamp on the bag, with the patchwork front (scraps of fabrics I've loved over the years, but bringing in elements of the cord):

I've long liked Abakhan - for me, they have a good selection of fabric goodies and general haberdashery, but they have other things for the home as well. Definitely worth a browse. But thank you for letting me take part.

Friday, 25 May 2012

Beautiful ripple crochet - a blanket for my bed!

Look at my new ripple blanket - I'm so thrilled with this. The colours are bright and summery, and the edging is so pretty. I love it. There's a bit of a story behind it. You may remember that I had begun a crochet blanket, and progression has been slow. It's lovely, and I adore it, but it's stuck at just over a metre square, so more of a lap crochet blanket.

I've always wanted a brightly colour ripple blanket. I'd started one some time ago, and currently it's at a half-a-cushion and I may as well give up stage. So when I saw the crochet that Hetty Rosepepper was producing, I knew she'd be perfect. You can visit her page here I asked if she'd make me one and she jumped at it. She loves commissions! She was fabulous throughout - she even sent me a sample card of wools, so I could see the colours.

I've borrowed a couple of pictures from her of my ripple blanket, as I couldn't show you it in place on my bed - just toooooo messy, :) But Hetty has a room she can be proud of, so here's my ripple blanket in place.

It's more than wide enough for my king size bed, and lovely and long. The kids love to wrap themselves in it, as it's soft too. It's fitted into our home so well. Thank you Hetty!

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Wonky Trees Swap Arrival - so exciting! :)

I'm so excited by what arrived in the post. I took part in a Wonky Tree swap organised by Jane at Jane's Fabrics and sent off my 12 trees. I got back 12 this week - it's thrilling to think these have travelled across the pond!

I love them all - they are so colourful. I'm not sure whether to incorporate them into my village block swap, as they'll work so well and I didn't participate in the earlier part of this one, which was for wonky houses.
I'll have to have a think. But in the meantime, aren't they great! The ones I received:

And six of the ones I sent. I can't find the other six I sent at the moment.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Village block swap update post! :)

See an earlier post here for anyone stumbling on my blog for the first time and not having a clue what I'm on about. How is everyone getting on - the deadline for my village block swap is the end of May, so it would be good to know how you are all doing. Let me know, so we can get sorted. I can't wait to see the mini quilts that are going to emerge from this swap.

Sunday, 6 May 2012


We went for one of our favourite short walks yesterday, but didn't get far. We may be in the middle of a drought, but it's hard to understand, isn't it! This is usually the site of much swimming in the summer. Ahead of the bench is a flowing river. It was odd seeing the current flowing around, but the flooded bits staying still.

We popped out there again just before the sun went down today... the water had gone down about 4 foot already. It was sad, as there had been a swan's nest, and it had obviously been torn apart. We found one swan's egg, and also what looked like a rather large crayfish. ... lots of wildlife devastation. I feel very sorry for those with homes caught in recent flooding.