Saturday, 8 December 2012

Memories of summer

We spent a day in London in the summer, and did so much. One of the things two of my children did was go on The Starflyer. I have to say, my mum instincts kicked in and I wasn't completely at ease as they went up, as it was so high. Here's the history.

I didn't like the 'has no fixings into the ground bit!'
They loved it, really loved it. I can't imagine going on it.

67 metres up! On what look like flimsey chains. Shivers*

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moonstruckcreations said...

I saw this when we visited London in the summer - I quite fancied going on it but none of my crew did so I had to make do with just standing and staring at it (and snapping a few photos of course).

I just loved the atmosphere in the capital during the Olympics, in all my 50 years of visiting I have never experienced anything quite like it.