Friday, 19 October 2012

Family meals

I've recently become a little fed up of the rut we seem to have got into with our meals. We have the same as apparently a lot of the population of England - spag bols, shepherds pie, roasts (though I'll never get bored of roast!), blah blah. The odd curry, though with a daughter slightly allergic to chilli, we have to be careful with curries. Anybody out there having the same problem? Or perhaps we're the only family in a meal rut at the moment. I searched my cookery books, but they are either things the children won't eat, or standard dull stuff.

So I decided it was time to vary it all a bit. I dug out a more interesting recipe for basically a courgette and hummus pie. It was supposed to have olives, which I didn't have, and filo - I had to substitute shortcrust. But I basically followed the recipe (which was touted as one 'even dedicated carnivores are guaranteed to love').

It was delicious and a great success with my children, two of whom I'd say are incredibly fussy.

So, that's a new one we'll be having again. But perhaps not again and again and again! :)


Melanie Wickham said...

Ha ha, we have that meal rut problem sometimes too!

My fallback is always make a bit of pastry and then empty the fridge into it, or roast every veggie that I can find and then have fridge pickings with that...but how many times a week will that work???

Paula lalaboo said...

Yes I was finding the meal rut was a big problem.

Our answer was to start a weekly meal plan, which meant we could try a new receipe and we have tryed to eat less meat as a result too. It sounds a bit regimented but if you buy all you need in for that week you can swap what you have on each day if it dosent appeal at that moment.

We also found that you dont go to the shop as much in the week either buying last minute ingrediants and other bits you dont need, so it does save you a bit of cash too! All good I reckon! lol.

I am with you on the roast dinners in fact my girls love their roasts! Which is great as my eldest is our fussy eater.

P x

Highland Monkey's said...

I also get bored making the same old meals. Might have to give this one a try. It does look delicious. I'm another one who loves roasts, they are so delicious!