Sunday, 7 October 2012

"A special birthday cake - a desert island, please!"

"...with me in a hammock, and palm trees, and a book, and maybe I can be sleeping..."

So went the latest request for a birthday cake. Many of you know I have loved making my children's cakes over the years (just click on my birthday cakes label on the right hand side). This is the making of the desert island cake. It started with me cutting the island shape (having baked the cake following my trusty Mary Berry recipe - I love her recipes, and I've never been let down by any one of them).

I then decided to add the yellow sand, which meant kneading in the colour to the icing:

and working up some blue for the sea:

The palm trees were never going to be easy. In the end I decided to try rolos. And, of course, colour more icing green for the palm tree leaves.

This was not my best idea. I cut the shapes easily enough, but they were saggy and needed to dry, and I didn't have time for them to dry.

The solution was a wire frame built from chicken wire. This is not a good way to make a palm tree out of icing! So please don't follow my complicated method.

But it went well enough. first! The rolos had a habit of breaking apart and spurting out the toffee centre (not helped by the wire I'd stuck down the middle of each). In the end I substituted a chocolate bar for one and wrapped ribbon around both. But I was thrilled with the result. I'd chopped up the sea to make it look patchey, and then as a final touch added glass shells I bought a long time back, on a holiday in Cornwall. Those of you with sharp eyes will spot the bees that always appear on our birthday cakes, year after year, and date back to one I did several years ago.

And finally, a birthday cake as it's meant to be:
Meanwhile the party goers were enjoying themselves with some brilliant games, including a very messy 'make a mummy' game with two toilet rolls.

It was a brilliant party for a lovely group of 15/16 year olds. Who says teens don't know how to have fun anymore if not glued to a gadget?! The teens I know are absolutely delightful, and great fun. (Though I still made sure I stayed out of the way for them! :) )

Now I've got to find a way to make a helicopter cake in the next couple of weeks. Watch this space!


faith76 said...

The cake is fab! Very creative x

Beki said...

WOW you ares o blimmin clever, it looks fab xx

Lajoni said...

Your cakes are amazing and what lovely memories your children will have of them....mine will have different memories , wondering why the turret of the pony castle was propped up with a rather large very hygienic stick...well done you xx.

aline said...

That is brilliant!