Saturday, 22 September 2012

Where there's a will...


We planned to go to a country fair this afternoon, but got there and found we'd misread the website info, and it was actually tomorrow. Doh! So instead of a wasted journey, we decided to go for a walk along the River Wey, which is always a fun thing to do. There were so few people today, and the weather was fabulous. My eldest is on her DofE this weekend, so we were one short, but it was good to think we were doing a little walk while she was doing her major one. :)

Anyway, the hedgerows were so full of blackberries. I used to love autumn blackberry-ing, but there's not been a good crop near us for some time. Not in Sept/Oct that is. And because we'd planned to go to a show, we didn't have a bag, or anything on us. I certainly didn't want to go home without. So, we improvised. We wove a bracken basket...

It doesn't look much, but honestly, it is a woven bracket basket. I love bracken, having spent many hours falling into bracken as a child (sad?!)... but the littleuns began to accept bracken could be very comfy to lie in. Didn't it used to be used for beds? I think my lovely friend over at Dancing on a blade of grass could help on that - I'm often awed by her knowledge and skills of detection.

We also tried weaving rushes, but it was taking a lot longer to make a basket.

But the bracken worked a treat. I got my blackberries...

We also saw this lovely site on the way back:

which I think I'd love to do one day. It looked very peaceful, with no noisy engine.

As for the blackberries, we added them to the last four apples from the tree in our garden, and they are cooking up ready for a blackberry and apple pie.

Yummy. Surely one of the nicest pies ever and always fab with hedgerow berries. Free and improvised afternoons are often the best of family days, methinks.


Anne-Marie said...

Sounds like my kind of day.....turnin' green with envy, here....hahaa! Kudos for the basket hope that pie was good.
Thanks for sharin' your fabby photos!

Anonymous said...

Ah ... my detection skills are due to Google and Wiki. (I was surprised to have an honourable mention on your blog LH)

If it's of any help, I did read on Wiki that dried bracken was used for early beds!

Lyn said...

I have to go and get some blackberries now!

Maria said...

Hello there!
Such a nostalgic post, which brought happy memories of picking blackberries with my dear Nanna many moons ago!Awww the pies were delish.
Love these kind of days out, we are just crying out for some dry weather here in the north west and then, do you know, I may do a little blackberry picking my self....hehe.
Happy Days!
LoVe Maria x

Simply Scandinavian said...

Well that seemed like a great day to me, so relaxing. I love Autumn best, bracken and blackberries, perfect.

Simply Scandinavian said...

A perfect day out I think. I do love Autumn, blackberries and bracken, perfect.

Simply Scandinavian said...

gosh I am going gaga. The Robot thingy drives me mad. I think I have left two similar comments, sorry, thought I had lost the first one, thrown out by the Robot detector!
xxx maybe not!

Lyn said...

what a lovely unplanned day you had! and with fruitful rewards.