Friday, 21 September 2012

What a sewing bargain!

I popped into Lidl last night - it's a little out of my way, so it's not a frequent stop, but I was passing. I was so thrilled to see this selection of sewing threads - 28 bobbins and matching reels (plus a bit more) for £3.49! I bought three metal bobbins recently and the cheapest I found were 18 p each. So a true bargain. It's also lovely to have them pre loaded.
If you have a local Lidl and love sewing, it's worth popping in this week.


Melanie Wickham said...

Those are brilliant sets aren't they - we found one in Aldi a few months ago and it has been great having all those colours just ready to go, no tedious bobbin sorting before you can start your project - may well grab another from Lidl as some colours are running out, thanks for the tip!

anniec said...

I have that kit, except with the plastic bobbins for top-loading machines. It's fabulous for when you have a small project where it would be annoying to have to trek out to buy a full reel of thread t match your fabric. I even hemmed a pair of curtains with one small reel earlier this year. Love Lidls sewing offers! :)

Cheryl said...

what a bargain, must despatch hubby to Lidl as soon as. x

moonstruckcreations said...

Sadly we dont have a Lidl in my town, but it might be worth travelling to the nearest city to find one if they have this kind of offer!