Saturday, 15 September 2012

The mess in the kitchen - am I alone?

Well, I decided it was time to do some major sorting out and chucking out in the kitchen. With a busy family life, I'm a little embarrassed to admit I don't always stay on top of my kitchen cupboards. I couldn't possibly show you one of my cupboards full, but this was halfway through pulling everything out. At this point I begun to wonder if other people have this problem, or if we're just not very good at controlling what we buy (and we try!). I found this...

...we don't use gelatine very often, but most people have a packet hidden away, don't they? But then I found these:

...and of course everybody also needs leaf gelatine, don't they?!

I also discovered some empty packets. Now, empty packets of sweets, I can blame on the children, but who would have put this BACK IN THE CUPBOARD?!!!!! Completely empty... and it wasn't alone.

And even I was surprised to find this in the back of one of the cupboards. Why on earth did I think I should carry a packet of Gofio back from Europe (and this was from a few years back as well!), and what is it still doing in the cupboard? I don't even know what I'd do with Gofio!

Another curiosity. Why have we essence of rose water. What would I use it for? One 'helpful' suggestion was turkish delight?! I hate turkish delight.
I have no idea how it crept into my cupboards.

Does anyone else discover unexplained gems like all these or am I just hopeless when it comes to controlling my kitchen cupboards?

And this is also annoying - why was this put back? It has nothing left, and has sat there for goodness how long.

So, I'm halfway through. I wish I'd tackled the cupboards more regularly. I don't feel very domestic goddess-y! In fact, it's left me feel pretty hopeless. :(


Elizabethd said...

I don't think you are any different from most of us! It seems that gelatine is the thing that stays in cupboards, I have several half packets!

Lalabibaby @ Dreaming of The Simple Life said...

You are not alone - mine are overstuffed too with things that will probably pass their SBD before I get around to using them. Take heart and worry not xx

lemonade kitty said...

I've only just "done" my cupboards out and there were loads of packets well passed their sell by date!! I've spotted a couple of treacle tins on your bottom shelf, I've just made some candles in treacle tins take a peek when you have a mo, Lucey x

Granny's Button Box said...

Every Xmas I make my old Dad a xmas cake, I always have left over mixed fruit which I put in the cupboard to use up but I never do, so every Dec I have a ritual chucking out before doing the same thing over again! I never learn.

Laura said...

Oh I am SO horrible at keeping track of my cabinets. I once found 3 unopened expired containers of baking powder. I am trying hard to do better though. :-)

Crafty Helen said...

Hi - I recently posted about my shameful kitchen cupoards. I must have been mad because I showed 'before' photos (oh, the shame, they were disgusting)! X