Sunday, 29 July 2012

A diary of July 27th: Olympics and a sad goodbye

Friday July 27th started with a beautiful sunset (where I was anyway). I should know, as I was up at 3.15 am - a lot of sleepless nights lately for all sorts of reasons. We had a lot on that day, but a lovely sunrise is a wonderful sight to see.

We'd seen the Gloriana in the River Pageant, and didn't want to miss another chance to see both it and the Olympic flame, when it was coming up the Thames from Hampton Court.

It was preceded by three heavily-packed-with-people boats:

The atmosphere was electric... with a helicopter buzzing overhead, and loads of people lining the banks of the Thames.

The Gloriana is an amazing site... a very posh barge indeed, and it didn't disappoint on a second showing:

It must be a heavy boat to row upriver though.

We had a fabulous view, and I'm so pleased we saw it.

 It was followed by a mini pageant:

We then had to go to Grandad's funeral, which was very sad. He's been much loved, and will be sorely missed.

Traffic on the way was no problem at all. Traffic on the way back - a four hour nightmare journey. Travelling on the M25 on the opening ceremony day was never going to be easy.

We then stayed up to watch the opening ceremony. I loved it. And I loved the humour that came into it.

The four hour mega journey didn't stop us wanting to join in with the Olympic spirit and catch a little of the men's cycling race around Boxhill. It's also good distraction, much needed by the family at the moment. These guys flashed by so fast, blink and you miss, but I did manage to get a picture of two of the GB team, which I was pleased about. The crowd's and the enthusiasm was amazing. I used to cycle a lot, and it was exciting to see an event happening so close to home.

The most I managed was the London to Brighton. Don't think I could manage this race! And then we caught the women's race today:

The seemingly endless stream of cars that race to keep up are an event in itself.

So that's my diary for the past couple of days. We're all sad. And tired. Very very tired. But there have been good moments to balance what is always a difficult time for a family.


Elizabethd said...

When I saw the title of your post I wondered if you were stopping blogging. I'm glad you are not. But sorry that you have had this time of sadnedd.

Anonymous said...

Sending my condolences for your family's loss - beautiful flowers for Grandad x

I enjoyed the other photos - so great to get a real person's perspective (as opposed to a journalist's)

Sending love

Jules said...

It's always sad to say goodbye to a loved one but now you need to celebrate his life, not mourn his passing x