Saturday, 23 June 2012

A soggy but inspiring day out

I joined my youngest's school trip this week - they were going to the Life of Christ performance, which takes place each year deep in Surrey. It's a wonderful setting, and the scenes are set in steep fields, which form a natural stage - you walk to each Act. We saw the first three, and then the heavens opened, but it was amazing. They had a flock of sheep and working sheepdog in the first scene.

The costumes were beautifully colourful against the greenery. This is the John the Baptist scene:

And the last supper, shortly after which we had to leave, and it was raining too heavily and the ground was becoming dangerously slippery - several of the actors slipped.

One day I'll go back and watch the whole performance - it takes a day.

I had a lovely surprise this week, when this package arrived:

I won a giveaway from Maria's blog, here. I need to take a photograph, but it is such a lovely giveway to have won, so thank you!


Elizabethd said...

That is an occasion that I've never heard about, but what a fascinating day it must be..if the weather holds out!

Maria said...

Hiya Caroline,
So sorry your young ones performance was spoiled by the shabby British weather!
Sounds really, lovely too...
Glad your 'What Every Woman Should know' arrived safe and sound!!
Love Maria x