Monday, 4 June 2012

A quick catch up on a busy Jubilee weekend

We did it! We were in two minds about going up to town, because of the predicted crowds, but given I've never seen a river pageant, and given we live so close, it seemed crazy not to. There's not likely to be another like it in my lifetime. I'm so pleased we made the decision to go. We got a fabulous spot on Lambeth bridge with the Houses of Parliament as a backdrop. And it was fun. The boats were amazing - you could hear the bells for a long time (both from the barge and from churches around us in London):

We all loved the Gloriana.

And the cheers when Queenie appeared were amazing:

Notice she looked away from me! :) The Royal Barge was actually immense. I hadn't really appreciated how large it would be.

We've had a bit of a weekend of it, really. We decided to pop up to Epsom Derby on Friday (when the weather was boiling and we all got sunburned). Cantering up for a race:

And flashing back past on their way to the finish!

We also painted our nails:

Today is a day with friends, as we're exhausted. Exciting news on the block swap front - I'll do a post soon. Watch this space.


Madison said...

Wow! I hope you didn't get too drenched. We'd been planning on going in but DH put a stop to all that with his ill timed lurgy. :/

Madison xxx

aline said...

Good pictures ! that spot on Lambeth Bridge? behind you would be a luxury block of flats, they used to be offices, they were demolished and the flats built on the site. I worked in there in the early 70s,and I had that very view from my office window it was called Lambeth bridge house and it was the Dept of Environment.

Memories lalalala

Lace hearts said...

Not drenched at all. But cold. We watched all we wanted, then went to warm up on south bank with hot choccies, then it poured.
That's fascinating about those flats. They were full of people having small parties. I'd wondered about them as they looked so new.

Anonymous said...

Great to catch up with the other happenings on Sunday as I was caught up with other events of the wedding variety!

Great post and I love those nails!

Marina said...

Hello! I've just become your latest follower and wanted to say Hi, I actually found your blog through google images whilst looking for pics of the Cath Kidston Teepee tent that we've just bought - your blog came up! Ours arrived this morning, and as my daughter was disappointed that we couldn't put it up this afternoon due to his awful weather, we decided to google some pics to show her what it will look like! Looking forward to reading more of your posts, marina x