Friday, 25 May 2012

Beautiful ripple crochet - a blanket for my bed!

Look at my new ripple blanket - I'm so thrilled with this. The colours are bright and summery, and the edging is so pretty. I love it. There's a bit of a story behind it. You may remember that I had begun a crochet blanket, and progression has been slow. It's lovely, and I adore it, but it's stuck at just over a metre square, so more of a lap crochet blanket.

I've always wanted a brightly colour ripple blanket. I'd started one some time ago, and currently it's at a half-a-cushion and I may as well give up stage. So when I saw the crochet that Hetty Rosepepper was producing, I knew she'd be perfect. You can visit her page here I asked if she'd make me one and she jumped at it. She loves commissions! She was fabulous throughout - she even sent me a sample card of wools, so I could see the colours.

I've borrowed a couple of pictures from her of my ripple blanket, as I couldn't show you it in place on my bed - just toooooo messy, :) But Hetty has a room she can be proud of, so here's my ripple blanket in place.

It's more than wide enough for my king size bed, and lovely and long. The kids love to wrap themselves in it, as it's soft too. It's fitted into our home so well. Thank you Hetty!


Vintage from the Village said...


MelMel said...

Lovely cheerful and bright!xxx

angel said...

Beautiful. <3
I have a crocheted quilt made by this lady! She really truely IS the best. XXXXX

cottonreel said...

It is so beautiful , I dread to think how much it would cost.
A real heirloom

fairy bride said...

they are really lovely :)