Monday, 16 April 2012

I'm probably not alone... :)

Well, I got in and the house was a tip. Regular readers will know that I rarely post photos of my home, and if I do, they show craftily teeny tiny corners that are easily tidy-able! Why....? Well, because I don't have a perfect, showroom home. I have a beaten up, scruffy at the corners, lived in (read 'very lived in') family home. Usually I live quite happily with it, but occasionally it drags me down and I turn into Monster Mum.

Just now I turned into Monster Mum, having discovered that one of my littleones... not little enough to not know any better, mind... had merrily been using make up ON THE LIVING ROOM CARPET and there were traces of make up over a 2 ft square patch of carpet. Now, said carpet isn't new, but it's not too old - maybe 5 years. I've been scrubbing at it for 15 minutes but I don't think the stains will shift. :(

So I shouted a little bit, and had everyone running around tidying and dusting (is it just me, or do you only notice how much dust there really is when and if you actually dust?!... pick up a duster and you're committed for the next hour... I even dusted the ridges on the doors!).

Anyway, I've now finally sat down, and am not moving for another 30 mins at least, and all is once again calm.

I'm probably not alone, but it does feel like other people manage to get their children to tidy far better than I can dream of. Does anyone get what I mean?


MelMel said...

I have a husband who still can't find one of the three laundry bags in this house.....
Just spoken to my sister....who has just got in from work....she is having an evening rather similar to yours....

I'm secretly frightened of the dust bunnies that live in this house.....I can never evict them!


Lalabibaby @ Dreaming of The Simple Life said...

You are not alone says she sitting knee deep in lego and Fireman Sam toys. I gave up years ago but still do have the occasional rant at my untidy lot. Enjoy your evening xx

Anne-Marie said...

I am now in the wonderful position of being able to sit back, and watch my five children try to get THEIR children to keep things tidy.....haaaa!
I am sooooo glad that I have photos of one particular daughter's bedroom, circa was nicknamed Fingal's Cave....and take great delight in producin' it whenever she goes off on one....Oh, I LOVE being a Grandma!

VintageVicki said...

Gosh no - if I have pics of my house on my blog then if you panned out you'd see the mess! I think they only mess I've shown are big sons room and the dresser in my kitchen.

You're the 2nd person to mention this in recent weeks - perhaps we need a RealHomes blog meme - all showing the bits that we'd normally not photograph.

Beki said...

I really don't know what you mean, my house is spotless all the time and my children do their chores without argument ;o)
Haha OK, reality..............I'd never photograph my home although I do like Vicki's idea.
Those showing 'perfect' homes either a) spend hours cleaning before taking pictures
b)Have no children (or life)
c)Don't allow their children to do anything.
I spend a lot of time shouting at my messy lot (man included) but secretly wouldn't have it any other way.
A messy home is a happy home and when the kids have grown and left and we do have spotless homes we will miss the chaos.

Beki xx

LissyLou said...

you are not alone!!! and i think most bloggers only show bits of their homes - i know i do!!

i have been using charts recently witht he kids - at it is working a bit!

i have given up a little with keeping the house spotless.

My most recent shout at the boys was when the youngest walked wet mud up the stairs and on the landing!!!

Thank you so much for your very lovely comment at a year of 30. Comments like that mean so much xx