Sunday, 29 April 2012

Herman the German friendship cake: arrival! :)

Go on, admit it, how many of you have had Herman already? I've managed to avoid him for a long, long time, but had to concede a friend pulled a clever fast one when she arrived for a meal last night bearing TWO Hermans! This friendship cake appears to have Amish origins in America. I'll see if I can keep him alive or not - he's bubbling away on my kitchen top at the moment. Or rather THEY are bubbling away on my kitchen worktop. I certainly intend to try and pass one on! :)

I have 20 days until I can cook him, and have to look after him every day, albeit briefly. During this time, I expect my house to begin smelling like a brewery. But it's strange, I do quite like the idea of Herman! We'll see. Any advice, welcomed. Kill him now, I hear lots of you shout?! ;)

Now on to something else that's come up. If you regularly read and enjoy my blog, I'd really appreciate any votes, following this link...

Sainsburys bank blog awardSainsburys Bank blog award

Position of blogs in the list appears to change, so I can't tell you which column I'll be in, but I'm really getting worried I'll be last as I don't network my blog and there are such fabulous blogs there. I'm flattered to be included. But being last might be a little bit embarrassing. :) So it you would like to vote for me, I'd be very grateful. x

Monday, 16 April 2012

I'm probably not alone... :)

Well, I got in and the house was a tip. Regular readers will know that I rarely post photos of my home, and if I do, they show craftily teeny tiny corners that are easily tidy-able! Why....? Well, because I don't have a perfect, showroom home. I have a beaten up, scruffy at the corners, lived in (read 'very lived in') family home. Usually I live quite happily with it, but occasionally it drags me down and I turn into Monster Mum.

Just now I turned into Monster Mum, having discovered that one of my littleones... not little enough to not know any better, mind... had merrily been using make up ON THE LIVING ROOM CARPET and there were traces of make up over a 2 ft square patch of carpet. Now, said carpet isn't new, but it's not too old - maybe 5 years. I've been scrubbing at it for 15 minutes but I don't think the stains will shift. :(

So I shouted a little bit, and had everyone running around tidying and dusting (is it just me, or do you only notice how much dust there really is when and if you actually dust?!... pick up a duster and you're committed for the next hour... I even dusted the ridges on the doors!).

Anyway, I've now finally sat down, and am not moving for another 30 mins at least, and all is once again calm.

I'm probably not alone, but it does feel like other people manage to get their children to tidy far better than I can dream of. Does anyone get what I mean?