Friday, 30 March 2012

A trip to Liberty

Guess what I got?! I had to go into London last week to collect one of my daughters, so I popped into Liberty. Liberty is always such a fabulous store to wander around. But I was after a pair of Kinky Knickers...

According to last night's Bottom line, which if you haven't caught, was fabulous, Liberty had ordered 609 pairs of Kinky Knickers.

Well... when I got to Liberty, there were just 8 pairs left... fortunately one in my size.

Now, I've never spent £10 on a pair of knickers in my life, but the story that goes with these, and the number of people it's helped into employment, is fabulous. The scene at the end of last night's programme, where they'd lined up everyone involved in the production, was amazing. And so I do want to support it. And I have to say, they are comfortable. I've always been wary of lace and knickers - they may look cute, but blimey, they are uncomfy. These really aren't. They fit comfortably, and are great.

If you can, do support. I think they are also in branches of John Lewis, Boots online, and House of Fraser, as well as Liberty (who said they were hoping for more in the next week or two).


Elizabethd said...

Brilliant Mary Portas does it again! I'm hoping to get a pair to give as a present..but it does seem that most places are out of stock.

Donna said...

I ordered a couple of pair I am still waiting for them to arrive:-)

Madison said...

Now here was me thinking you were going to show yourself modeling the kinky knickers! ;0)

Madison xxx