Thursday, 1 March 2012

A little bit of family fun with applique

Inspired by the wonderful artwork fabric creations from the lovely lady here, my eldest and I settled down for an afternoon of applique fun. I'm obviously obsessed by houses, so popped three into a farming scene - I thought the patchwork fields worked really well. I haven't finished, so there will be another photo to come. It takes a long time to do applique, but it is such a relaxing thing to do.

Eldest meanwhile produced this:

She's still working on it, but I thought it was lovely.


Madison said...

Very sweet. Love the beach huts. She obviously gets her talent from her Mum.

Madison xxx

Lajoni said...

They are sooo have definitely inspired me to ''have a go''

Anne-Marie said...

Oh, sounds like bliss....sigh.
So cute and pretty....lookin' forward to seeing it finished!

Highland Monkey's said...

well done, it looks lovely. Is it going to be a picture or cushion?
Your daughter has done excellent work on the beach huts.

aline said...

This is lovely Lacey. What a lovely way to spend time with DD
I know I have been inspired by what P does, she has brilliant ideas.

Katherine said...

How fun! It's looking great. Pretty cool to be making this with your daughter.