Thursday, 8 March 2012

Happy quilting - the block swap!

I'm so thrilled about my block swap. There are now seven of us - still two places! We're all doing something different, but on the basic theme of villages... so we have:

Ellie for houses
Lala for shops
Me for churches
Cartier for cottages
Mel at The Handcrafted Home for Vintage Second Hand Shops
Strandkorbtraum who will do castles
A new member who will do barns

All in all, a fab selection. I'm keeping it open in case one more person would like to join - just leave a comment. If not, I suggest we all make 9 blocks, and send 7. You'll then receive 7 back, which willl make a total of 9 - a good number for a wall hanging. If we get a final member, you'll still make 9 blocks, but send 8 and receive 8 back, to make 9. Hope that's clear. Maths was never my strong point!

Do please join my Flickr group to post pictures... Quilting Village Block Swap
There are currently three of us, and I'm feeling quite lonely! :) I'd love it if you could comment on pictures that we each post there as you get going.

Remember, trim to 12 x 12 inches - don't worry about my messy edges as in the first pic above, as I'm adding a border to my churches to set them, so that is not finished.

I'm working on my church blocks today. I am having so much fun with these.


Elizabethd said...

What fun! Normally I would have liked to join you, but with moving house I dont think it is practical!

lemonade kitty said...

Can't wait to see all the finished "villages" all those lovely fabrics and quirky buildings, Lucey x "-"

Highland Monkey's said...

You are going great guns Lacy. It's going to look great when all the blocks are put together.

Carol said...

Cannot wait to see the finished article! this will be fun.
I have lots of material ready for a quilt, I really want to get started on it. But I just don't seem to find spare time at the moment. I have to say no a bit more.
Happy Quilting All.
Carol xx