Saturday, 25 February 2012

Quilting swap - update

My quilt block swap is going really well, and I'm so excited about it. There are five of us at present...

Ellie will be doing houses
Lala will be doing shops
I'm doing churches :)
Gem is doing florists
Cartier is doing cottages

This is going to be lovely. There's lots of time, so please do consider signing up - you'll end up with such a lovely mini quilt/wall hanging, and I'm certainly not advanced, so would love to inspire someone fairly new. Scroll down for more details, but please do join. x


faith76 said...

Looks great - looking forward to seeing what you have all made x

Katherine said...

Love the hearts along the roofline and the one on the door. Makes it extra special!

Mell's said...

Thanks for getting in touch. I would like to do a Vintage second hand shop if possible. I have never done this before but have quilted bed quilts. Can i use needle turning to add my bits?
thanks melanie