Saturday, 11 February 2012

Adventures in quilting - part 2!

Remember my post here (for those of you lovely readers who've stuck with me a long time!).Well, I've had a sudden burst of renewed enthusiasm to finish my long unfinished project. For those of you new to this, I've always loved house and schoolhouse quilt designs. There's a long history of them in the States, and I'm fascinated by them. I was so thrilled when I found this tuturial on the Quiltville blog (I love the woman and am so grateful to her for publishing it) and I determined one day I'd do it, when I got good at quilting. Then I thought, I might as well jump in with both feet and just get on with it - after my button quilt (which is very simple in comparison.
So I did 37 houses, and back when I did my original post and...  left it! Not good, but I'm told this happens a lot with large quilts.

Yesterday I picked it up and determined to finish the last five houses (you need 42), and above you can see three cut and ready to be stitched. Here's two laid out, so I know I haven't missed anything:

I love the flag stitching method... though I'm not a quilter yet, so not sure if that's the correct term, but it looks like mini flags!

And I did it. I achieved my five extra houses:

I'm determined to keep going and get my quilt top done (hark at me, I'll be a proper quilter one day!). I know each block isn't perfect, but it's not meant to be. These include lots of fabrics that have been given to me, or I've found in special places and they go back years, so it's just as it's meant to be - a real memory quilt, mistakes and all. And because it's just for me, that's just fine.


Madison said...

Wow! Well done you. I look forward to seeing the finished quilt.

Madison xxx

Lace hearts said...

Thank you Madison - it'll be a while yet, but I'm determined to get there! :) xx

Elizabethd said...

Oh well done! I'm ashamed to admit that I still have one block left to do on just the same pattern..schoolhouse. Like you it is one of my favourites.
Your quilt will be a real treasure.