Sunday, 18 December 2011

It's a week before Christmas! :)

I've been busy finishing off lots of projects. I've finally finished a little lavender purse I've made for a friend's daughter for Christmas - I'm hoping she'll like it. It's an oilcloth fabric from Cath Kidston, which was interesting to work with, but I love the result.

I've also just finished a few letter bunting orders, and here's a peek at one:

I really enjoy doing these, but they do take a long time, as I cut templates for each letter. But I love the results so will keep doing them. I did a commission for a little boy recently and was asked to add a train at either end, which was fun:

I've been experimenting with my new toy, a light box: sometimes to better results than others... I think it's too small, so I'm constantly aware of lines in the background. I'll have to experiment more... photography isn't really a strong point of mine, and I'm constantly in awe of the photography I see on other blogs.

What else... I've finished quite a few more patchwork iPad cases, something else I really enjoy doing, as every one is a different combination of fabrics.

And one of my favourite fabrics went into this mobile phone cover:

I'm now running low on this fabric, but I think when it's gone it's gone. I'll choose something else - there's so much out there.

I hope everyone's enjoying the run up to Christmas. We went for a lovely walk today, only to get caught in an icy shower. It was nice to come home and put our fire on...

...the result of a good five years of saving and worth every penny!


MelMel said...

I think your photos come out very well!
Love the frog!

I managed to get some good pics today, in my kitchen....while the sun came out today!

This time next week....we shall all be happily exhausted!


Lalabibaby @ Dreaming of The Simple Life said...

Oh you and me both on photography Lacey .... must get to grips with it in 2012 ... thought I would designate one spot indoors with the best light for this time of year. Is your little phone case still available please I got a new Blackberry yesterday which is in need of a little protection in my pocket/bag. xx