Friday, 18 November 2011

Silk painting for beginners

I had such a fabulous day yesterday. A friend treated me to a day's textile course (a birthday pressie, and a very nice one too). I love doing these things because you get to try new things in the company of hugely inspirational people. The teacher was amazing. My daughter was on an Inset day, so came along too and we had a ball. We spent the morning trying silk painting. We sectioned a piece of silk into four, then used different techniques to fill the four spaces. My daughter chose a horse to begin, and I chose a sun theme.

We outlined and filled for the 'picture' scene. On the left of this, the lavender effect was done using rock salt. The green was table salt, while the yellow/orange was a mix of colours and salts. We then tried painting another silk panel with a variety of colours, and sprinkling it with just a little rock salt.

This was mine...

I wasn't very happy with it in the making - it's impossible to plan what's happening. But once it dried, I was really pleased. My daughter's:

It was nice enough to sit outside for a picnic lunch. Then, in the afternoon we tried weaving and produced two hangings:


Meanwhile, I've been very busy making more of my lavender dogs. I love these little cuddlies, and they are fun to make. A very quick preview...

So a very crafty week!


Anonymous said...

What a lovely day you had!

The rock salt green/blue silk looks like there are shoals of fish swimming about on it - it's great.

Good work you two girls.

Those dogs look rather nice too.

Dancing on a Blade of Grass

MelMel said...

Hiya Lacey!

What a super nice treat! It's such fun to learn something new!

I like all the things you are making at the mo......your makes as always are perfect!

Nice to be back missed you too......:>)