Thursday, 13 October 2011

Ezy roller and Letterbox - a favourite old friend!

How cool is this little oh so up-to-date version of the go kart I used to use as a kid?! Best of all, it's self-propelled - no need for pulling/pushing/tugging, just lots of fun on wheels and it's been well used over the past couple of weeks in the Lacey household.

At this time of year chez Lace, we begin thinking on what to buy the kids as a joint present for Christmas. We tend to do this, and then give them smaller individual pressies, as I love the shared play it always generates. We've always done it, so they are well used to it. I aim for it not to be electrical, though I have to admit that a couple of years back we joined the pressure and caved in to give them a Wii. Last Christmas, in contrast, it was a crafty badge maker. Both have had lots of use, and created lots of fun in different ways.

A few weeks back my youngest came home really excited, because his friend had been given one of these:

An Ezy roller. I thought it looked fun, and also saw the 4-14 tag when I looked it up - aha... a possible one for Christmas. It's won several toy awards and parenting awards so has been well tested where it's appeared (New Zealand, Canada, the USA), but I think it's only more recently come to the UK. The following week the Letterbox catalogue popped onto the mat

I've been on the Letterbox mailing list since my kids were born, so that's an awfully long long long time - over the years, they've been brilliant for party gifts, and easy given it's all mail order. This time, my son, like a sniffer dog, found the Ezy roller in there - it was the first thing he found given he spotted it on the front cover.

Best of all, it was a Union Jack one with a cool red frame. And so... it was absolutely lovely when with great timeliness, the folks at Letterbox asked if I'd like to test something for them and offered the chance of an Ezy roller.

I used to trial toys when the children were younger for a high street store, and it was always great fun. I love Letterbox - when the kids were smaller, they were useful because they've always had a fabulous pocket money favourites section. I hadn't thought to look at them more recently because I thought mine were getting a bit old. How wrong I was. The catalogue is stuffed with goodies for all ages. So I jumped at the chance they offered and soon afterwards a lovely big box arrived...

And the kids got stuck in when they got home from school...

Unpacking and pre-testing (notice my 10 yr old's feet on the footrests already! He was thrilled...

And what a result. The Ezy roller is brilliant, I have to say. The kids have all used it.

I was doubtful that it would suit all three - they range from 10-14, but true to the hype, it really does. I've also had a go (!). It has an adaptor (a long pole that can be added or removed from the basic frame and is very simple to do), so it can be altered, but to be honest, the medium size suits us all, so we don't need to keep changing it. I've since spoken to a friend who has one and her 3 year old is adept at it. Sounds more adept than me (and no, I won't be posting a pic of me on it, though I've spent quite a time having fun). Oh, okay, here's one of my legs...

It is easy to use - it has a brake, and it works simply by moving your legs slightly back and forwards to create a forward roll. The kids can work it easily up a slight hill. I can't do that bit, but am working on it! I think I'm very unfit. I love it most of all because it encourages my lot to play outside, and they are always happier after doing that, and always find ways to play together.

So, thank you Letterbox - it's a winner. We love it, and I think lots of people would agree it's a fab gift for kids (especially for those like us who like to find toys to share for their little-lies).

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Elizabethd said...

Great fun!
I always used to order from Letterbox when my children were young, such a good company.