Thursday, 29 September 2011

A dilemma over the sofa...

These arrived this morning - it took me a long time to find somewhere that did the size and colours I wanted. Far more complicated than I thought, felt balls. I have all sorts of ideas for these, so watch this space. I won't be making a rug. Mr Lace saw them and mentioned he'd seen a felt ball rug the other day for £349! To be honest, I know that there's a lot of work in making one ball. One day I'll give it a go, but until then I'm happy to buy in my balls. :-)

Now, there's a dilemna in the Lace household. We have to get rid of one of two sofas. I was happily getting my white Ektorp ready to sell but when I stood back, I really really liked the effect, and the sun shining on it, and the fact you can colour up white with anything. I know it's not practical with a family, but honestly, life has changed since a friend sent me out to find oxyclean!

However, Mr Lace favours our brown highly practical leather sofa, of which I'll show you a glimpse because I feel it's not worthy of more than that on my precious blog (said with tongue in cheek!):

More the matching leather cushion than the sofa, but it just doesn't suit me so well. I know it's practical. I know it's incredibly comfortable. I know it's sensible with kids. But it's Brown! What to do?! Well, I have the ebay account... ;-) What would you do? Browsing ebay, I've been amused to see how many sofas are listing with a 'the wife's changed the decor' tag in the description.

As for sewing. I'm loving it more and more. I've been busy again. I'm making iPad covers at the moment. This is one of the latest, which I've listed in my Folksy shop, link here: SewHappyFolksy. Sorting out the photos took AN AGE! I wish I'd found a quicker way.
Thanks so much for stopping by. 


Hen said...

Out with the brown sofa, I'd suggest!

Lace hearts said...

You are so not wrong! x

Mummy Boo Bear said...

I agree I much prefer the white sofa. The brown one is ok but the cushion has the touch of the S&M's to me! lol.


Lace hearts said...

I will never see that cushion in the same light again. Only got it because it went with the sofa! :)

patchworkandlace said...

Imuch prefer your white sofa it looks a lot more cozy and welcoming , never been a fan of leather setees x