Friday, 30 September 2011

A bit about being a mum and a bit about my latest makes

Being a mum means having to juggle so many balls in the air at once. It's fun, but boy is it exhausting. It also often means you come second... or rather fifth or sixth depending on the size of your family. Take this week. I'd spotted a dress I really wanted. Went through the should I, shouldn't I, shall I, shan't I... sort of convinced myself I should given I rarely buy clothes new for myself any longer. Then eldest comes home full of excitement about a French exchange - the first trip she's been offered in 3 years at her secondary school, so I don't feel it's right to not let her go. £100 deposit. Middle one needs money for her clarinet - which she absolutely loves, but again, which costs. And termly fees are due. Open the cheque book again. Youngest is looking forward to France as well - another school trip and part payments begin now! So bye bye to my new dress. Ah well. That's one of the things about being a parent, but waving a psychological farewell to the dress was a little bit hard.

Hubby wanted a case for his mobile having seen my pretty ones... but didn't want a pretty one for some reason and didn't want any fiddly buttons. ;-) I worked on a few, and he's settled on this one:

It's another lovely script fabric, but with a maths theme... he liked the back -

Job done. I also sewed up these, which I'm really pleased with:

And a sweet ps. We do sit around a table to eat most evenings - when I had a family I really didn't want to sit in front of the tv and eat. It's our chat time, it's noisy, and it's fun. Breakfast I feel guilty about. They always have breakfast, but everyone tends to fend for themselves. I came down this morning late yet again - so difficult to find summer clothes when they'd all been put away - to find my middle one had cooked up this...

Brilliant! I must be doing something right!

Have a fab weekend all. And thanks so much for your comments on my sofa dilemma. We're keeping the white!

Thursday, 29 September 2011

A dilemma over the sofa...

These arrived this morning - it took me a long time to find somewhere that did the size and colours I wanted. Far more complicated than I thought, felt balls. I have all sorts of ideas for these, so watch this space. I won't be making a rug. Mr Lace saw them and mentioned he'd seen a felt ball rug the other day for £349! To be honest, I know that there's a lot of work in making one ball. One day I'll give it a go, but until then I'm happy to buy in my balls. :-)

Now, there's a dilemna in the Lace household. We have to get rid of one of two sofas. I was happily getting my white Ektorp ready to sell but when I stood back, I really really liked the effect, and the sun shining on it, and the fact you can colour up white with anything. I know it's not practical with a family, but honestly, life has changed since a friend sent me out to find oxyclean!

However, Mr Lace favours our brown highly practical leather sofa, of which I'll show you a glimpse because I feel it's not worthy of more than that on my precious blog (said with tongue in cheek!):

More the matching leather cushion than the sofa, but it just doesn't suit me so well. I know it's practical. I know it's incredibly comfortable. I know it's sensible with kids. But it's Brown! What to do?! Well, I have the ebay account... ;-) What would you do? Browsing ebay, I've been amused to see how many sofas are listing with a 'the wife's changed the decor' tag in the description.

As for sewing. I'm loving it more and more. I've been busy again. I'm making iPad covers at the moment. This is one of the latest, which I've listed in my Folksy shop, link here: SewHappyFolksy. Sorting out the photos took AN AGE! I wish I'd found a quicker way.
Thanks so much for stopping by. 

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Is it just me?

My daughter's class at school are steadily getting their nails done. I don't mean having fun at home. I mean going to a salon and paying around £30 a pop to get acrylics. Apparently around a third have done it. Now, I've had acrylics done once, and they looked lovely, but if you want to keep them looking lovely you have to go back regularly and pay to maintain them. I couldn't afford it, and I hated what it did to my own nails. I'd rather maintain my own nails for free. I have no problem with friends who have it done - as I say, I think it looks lovely for special occasions. But 12 and 13 year olds? Why do they need it, and how the heck are their parents funding it? I certainly can't.

I was pretty speechless when she asked if she could join in. You can guess my answer! Funnily enough, after an initial rant, I really don't think she is that bothered. But it did get me thinking about how much things have changed since I was growing up - we wouldn't have been allowed a scrap of varnish on our fingernails at school.

Have you found similar with the endless requests from teenagers... Or am I out on a lonely  limb here?