Sunday, 10 July 2011

Cath Kidston and summer with the kids sorted. Thank you!

When I was young, we had a wigwam (I think they are now called teepees!). As a child, my parents had little money and a lot of my entertainment centred around our small garden. Hence, we got so much use out of that wigwam. I absolutely loved it, and spent hours with friends. It was basic, with eight bamboo rods and a fabric covering, but it did the job. We also made dens, plenty of them, and my kids have always picked up on this, making dens everywhere out of sheets and chairs and tables, and whatever else they can find. Den building is fun. Tents are fun. But if you're a kid, teepees and wigwams can be the beez-neez!

So I was so excited to see Cath Kidston had brought out a teepee. It wasn't too girly or too boy-sey - very important when you have a combination of both! It's a basic teepee shape and it even has a flag, for goodness sake! I jumped at it.

If I'm going to be quibbling about anything, it's only because the fabric print runs the wrong way on the sides. But I love the fact it has a back and a front entrance. I know this is going to see us through many summer days. The kids were so excited, and I have nothing but praise for it. They easily put it up themselves, and have spent a night in it already. They added blankets for the floor.

And one or two (!) cuddly toys.

Being a camper, I highly doubt I would ever take it away to camp in - it is not double skinned at this price, and I can't imagine it would therefore withstand rain or condensation (though the rain thing hasn't been tested out in our garden yet), but for an overnighter in the garden on a warm night, it's perfect.

I love everything about it. It's plenty roomy, easy to put up, is fun in terms of shape, and to top all that is in one of their best kids prints. What's not to like!

Related to this and regarding the cost - I think it's a bargain for what you get. I read recently that parents spend on average £2,000-£3,000 per child on summer holidays. I've no idea why it would be that much - no parent I know spends that on their children, and most find good entertainment at home, squeezing activities in around work. But there's no doubt that taking children out now can be expensive - take the theme parks, which can be around £100 for a family. A theme park is fab, but is over in a day. I think we're sorted for plenty of days for a portion of that cost.

And, no, I haven't been sponsored by Cath Kidston. I'm just one very happy customer! :-)

Edit to add: I just want to say, I love all the comments I receive and always look at the blogs from the commentators. However, I've been having problems leaving comments on blogs - it just won't go through. So if you leave a comment, I'll comment below, but do know I appreciate each and every one. x


moonstruckcreations said...

What a lovely idea, and what lovely memories your kids will have of happy days in the garden.

Wish this had been around when my gang were younger....

Hope the sun shines today for you so they can make use of it!

love your blog!


B............... said...

I love the cowboy teepee and have been thinking about buying it myself.
I reallyt can't understand why some people such amounts on days out when the memories always come from the simple things!

B xxx

Lace hearts said...

Helen - I can't leave a comment on your blog - I've been having problems recently leaving comments, so I hope you read this, as it's not just your blog. I tried to say: Your hearts are truly beautiful. Thanks so much for leaving a comment - it's lovely to discover a new blog, and yours looks so pretty. Off to browse! I'm grabbing a cake on the way - I'm a sucker for cakes! x

Lace hearts said...

See, that's odd. Can comment on your blog B, but not Helen's. I really don't understand what's going on. x

Anonymous said...

These wigwams are soo cute!^^
(Reminded me of my little "huts" I used to build as a kid)
And it must be fabulous to spend a night in a teepee like that! xx

Lalabibaby @ Dreaming of The Simple Life said...

This blogger comment thingy has been a right pain! Love the teepee .... I put a small tent up in the garden every summer for the littlies and the best and cheapest summer hols we ever had was when I bought my American fridge ... it came in a humungous box and they played with it for weeks till it finally collapsed. Only 9 more school days till ours break up xx

Lajoni said...

Thats a great teepee Lacey, bought back memories of being a kid and dad putting a sheet over the washing line and heavy stones at all 4 friends and I just loved it.
When ours were young we couldn't do that as we had the rotary line so OH would get some canes and make a wigwam...then they had my inlaws old tent which had 2 bedrooms and the 3 of them had such fun, but really nomore than in the wigwam ....but like yours they camped out in the garden with their torches pop and sarnies lol ahhh the wonderful memories...don't go on my blog hun haven't written on it for an age :(

Elizabethd said...

You will probably be finding that you can comment on a blog with a popup box, but not on the embedded ones....I am the same righ tnow.

As a child we played for hours in tents made from a clthes horse, draped with a sheet. Imagination runs riot!

Highland Monkey's said...

I used to love tent/den making when I was a kid. Even when wet a blanket and chair made a wonderful hide out indoors. Thanks for the memories!

Lace hearts said...

Highland Monkeys - I can't comment on yours, though I was able to on Lala's. So frustrating. I did try to leave this comment:
Your monkeys are so funny, they really do make me smile. I love your dresser/bookcase - the makeover has worked beautifully. As for your regatta picture - your work is truly stunning!
Now, fingers crossed this comment goes through! x
It didn't!
Thanks Laj, Lala and Midget for popping by. I think dens are a must for childhood. :-)

K @ Aurora Blythe said...

This tent is far too fun! Love it!