Thursday, 23 June 2011

My Samsung mobile... a teeny tiny rant

This is my current phone, Samsung's S8000. I hate it! I can't get on with it at all.

I spent yesterday cursing my phone, because it was broken, or so I thought. My 14 year old got home from school, patiently raised her eyebrows at my ranting, took one look, and instantly knew what was wrong. Ten minutes later it was fixed.

Kids today are so gadget savvy....and it puts me to shame! And I accept that lots of people must love their Samsung S8000s!

However, I still hate my phone. I wish I could have my old Nokia back with its lovely keypad. It lasted four years before it died on me.

Do any of you have touch screen phones who are 'of the more mature' mummy age and do you get on with them. I have to admit, I haven't spent long enough (read any time at all!) reading the thick manual that came with my phone and trying to get to grips with it. Would I like this phone more if I tried harder to get on with it and understand it?

Any comments are really welcome on this, as this is the second time I've chosen a phone I haven't got on with.


Ella said...

I feel your pain. DH recently passed on his old (like 2 or 3 years old) Blackberry to me when he got his new Samsung, and I just can't make it work for the life of me! I'm one of the old-fashioned people who only carry a mobile phone with them when they go out, and just in case of emergencies, but if I happened to be in an emergency I couldn't even make a call with this Blackberry thingy because I can't get it to let me dial a number. This is all so frustrating! Honestly, why do mobiles need all those gizmos and gadgets and whatnots? What's so wrong about the concept of using mobile phones for simply making phone calls?

Lace hearts said...

Hi Ella - thanks for that. It all makes me feel a bit ridiculous, but yes, that's exactly the problem. I don't need all the extra bits and pieces, and especially when it takes time to understand what's going on. I've had friends swear by their blackberries, but those are more a business package in terms of what they offer, I think. Thanks for commenting!

VintageVicki said...

Sorry can't help - but am glad its not just me and technology. I've just recently swapped my old Samsung (which I hated from day 1) for an old HTC phone of MrVV's. That seems to be fairly simple and failing that - I just look hopeless and one of the menfolk rescue me!!

Lace hearts said...

I just feel so pathetic, Vicki, but it is fab to know it's not just me! Everyone raves about their Samsung, so I feel bad I can't get it. Sigh. Thanks so much for the comment.

Attila said...

We can't all be geniuses at everything; when your creative juices are in full flow there's no room for technological savvy as well. I've just checked and my new Samsung touch screen phone is not the same model as yours but I'm just as non-plussed as you. These things were made for 16 year olds and 16 years old I ain't!

Lace hearts said...

Thanks Attila - that's a great way of putting it! Too much energy into the creative side of things... tis definitely my problem. That's made me very cheerful!

Jules said...

I'm with you - hate touch screen phones, loved my old little Nokia that I could text/call/receive calls all without incident. I now have a 'new' Nokia E73 with a keypad so small that my son is constantly asking if I am drunk when texting! Am thinking of going back to the written word and stamps!

Red Riding said...

tho i have a touch screen lg and know what i am doing(i think its intended for a child to be honest)
i get real annoyed with it as my 1 year old just refuses to leave it alone and the amount of times ive found her calling people..and unlocking it is so easy.
im supposed to get my ohs mates blackberry which does not have a touch screen thankgod!!i hate touch screens-fact!

Lace hearts said...

The old Nokia were great, Jules... wish you could still get them. I'm certainly with you re written word and stamps... it drives you to feel so frustrated! :-)
I am envious you know what you're doing Red Riding - but so interesting that even then you're looking forward to going back to a blackberry!
Thanks so much - good to know I'm really not on my own on this. My bro-in-law is apparently ditching his iPhone to go back to a Blackberry, as he cannot get on with it. Yet a friend swears by it. Just wish I could magically mend my old Nokia!

Lajoni said...

I have got my daughters old Samsung S8000 and love it lol....It took me a while to get used to but its so much better for texting, as turn it round to landscape and you have a keypad which I find so much easier to use, basically thats all I use it for, oh and I use the alarm.
My son wants to give me his Blackberry but the buttons are far too small lol ...oh to be young with 20/20 vision xx

Lace hearts said...

Well done Laj! I am just toooo envious that you can manage yours. I think I'd probably cope with a blackberry, from what I've seen. But I'm currently tied to a contract. Growl!