Saturday, 11 June 2011

Happy Birthday - another cake post!

Those who check my blog will know I love to make birthday cakes. The more detail the better. It's not a birthday in this house today, but it's my 17th wedding anniversary today - SEVENTEENTH! I don't know where those years have gone, though they've been a blast. And I obviously was thinking about cakes, as the biggest thing I've done in the past 17 years is my children, and a major part of that is celebrating their birthdays. I've done one post with a collection of some of my cakes, here, and thought it was time to bring a few more together.

I loved making this party tea cake, as the children could easily join in and make some of the little donuts and cupcakes. The details were just great fun to do.

Even little sandwiches - how cute is that! Another fun one to do was this dinosaur breaking out of an egg:

I take most of my cakes from books I find in the library - it's really step by step, and not hard.

Sometimes I need to speed through, which is when cupcakes are so useful:

And smarties are always popular.

I'm making myself hungry now - probably good as I think I'm off for a special celebratory meal tonight! This one was fun, with initial cakes for each member of the party for one of my daughters:

Again, she helped with the initials and icing, though lots went inside her tummy in the making of them!

The heart-shaped cake is a regular theme in our house.


And once when I had very little time at all, I made this (again, with lots of eager hands to help place the smarties):

I couldn't resist this one having seen it made on the telly...

But my fave of all times remains my troll village cake. Even though I was up until midnight (with a lovely friend who helped me out) cutting tiles for the pathway!


LoloDesigns said...

Wow what gorgeous and cute cakes! You are clever. Not sure I would have the heart to eat them when they looked so good ;o) xx

Lululiz said...

Fantastic cakes, I have absolutely no talent for that sort of thing at all, I am in awe of your skills.