Friday, 4 March 2011

Re: Crafting with the kids in half-term

We've had a very crafty half-term. One of the smaller Laces begun a massive scarf from wool in kits she's been given over the years - all chunky, so it's growing fast. It's currently 5 foot in length, and she's still going strong!

I love the colours in this. It's very wide, so will also act as a lovely throw/cuddle blanket.
Another of the smaller Laces begun candle making, and it's proving a great activity. She has plans to open a candle-making emporium.

They also shut me out of the kitchen, and the result was yummy...and obviously very chocoloatey. I have to say that this is truly one of the tastiest chocolate cakes I have ever eaten - much better than when I've helped them. I feel a bit redundant.

We were also lucky enough to once again visit the Eden Project. I just love this site, and we try and go every couple of years, and have done since it first opened. I love that there's always something going on and something new happening. And I love the smaller touches - especially the tea poem:

 Lovely, isn't it?!

This time the new feature was the platform at the top of the rainforest dome. It shakes, and one of the Laces refused to climb - but the rest of us made it. It's terrific up there, but a long way down and all very see through! I think my right leg looks broken... it was probably shaking! Also, notice my footwear - these are so comfortable... my first pair of FitFlop boots, and worth every penny (though I bought in the sales and got a real bargain). However, not recommended in rainforest temperatures!

We also saw a robin. I love robins, and this one posed beautifully for me.

I've been crafting a lot too. I didn't take any sewing, and decided to take up my crochet again as it's so portable. The book I took was hopeless, so I did a circle for a cushion... hence it's not brilliant, but I'm happy with it.

Just got to back it now. I don't want to crochet the other side... anybody out there who crochets? What do you back your crocheted cushions with?


Anonymous said...

Lovely cushion. I know some people get an old woollen jumper and felt it and use that. Good luck with finding a solution.

Mummy Boo Bear said...

What a lovely cushion.I have backed mine in fabrics and a fleecy blanket in the past.I think the fleece works really well.

Sounds like you have had a very busy and fantastic half term. Lots of making and doing.


Highland Monkey's said...

You're kids are a talented bunch :0)love the colours in the knitted project.