Monday, 7 March 2011

Make a dinosaur doorstop - tutorial

 I mentioned a couple of posts back that I was going to post another tutorial - this time because I couldn't find anything like it when I've searched on google, and so I made up a pattern, and it's really fun. I'd love to see any that are made as a result of this tute - but also, please do leave a comment. I'll get back to any comments left, and would love to hear if it's useful to you.

So, this was for a commission from my Sew Happy shop. It's not as stable as a chicken but it was crying out (or should I say, roaring out!) for legs! You could always use it with a wedge.

First draw a dinosaur shape, together with a circle for the bottom of the feet and a triangle for the back and front inset. It's honestly not hard to judge the sizing on this. 

I also cut a smaller triangle to cut felt plates for the back. Next, pin the main pattern to your fabric and cut. You need to cut two. I folded the fabric, right sides together, and cut two that way. Also use the larger triangle to cut two. And cut two circles.

Now you need to cut your plates - the traingular bits of contrasting felt that run along the dinosaur's back. When that's done lay them out in position, on the right side of the fabric.

You may have to jiggle on the curves to get the fit right.

Next, lay the other main piece over this, right side to right side. and pin around the back. Then lift the back leg and pin one triangle as shown.

And then exactly the same but at the front:

Sew these pinned lines, at the back and front, together. Just go up to the place the point of the triangle meets the fabric:

Now pin the other side of the triangle in position, again at the back and at the front:

And sew.

Notice that I've pinned the back but haven't yet sewn it. I've now pinned around the arch between the legs. The next bit is fiddly, but not impossible. Pin in the circles for the base of the feet and stitich each in position.

It's starting to look like a dinosaur! You now sew all around the outside, leaving a 3 inch gap at the back for stuffing. Cut carefully into the curves, without cutting the stitching. Also, it's worth running a second line of stitching around all over, just to add strength.

Now the fun bit. Turn it out through the hole you left:

And stuff! Stuff slowly, and with small bits. There's an art to stuffing to get it looking right.

Begin with the head and the top of the tail. Then use dried beans to fill the legs - or you can use stones, which I prefer, as they give more weight and won't attract mice! It's worth putting a little bit of stuffing in the bottom of each of the legs to rest the stones on to soften the feet.

 You'll then need to slipstitch the back - use pins to secure it together before stitching. And then choose buttons for the eyes.

And there you have it. Then you need to begin making friends. :))

I hope that's helpful. I know there's an awful lot of dinosaur lovers out there. Do let me know if you like it.


Elaine said...

They are so gawjus!!!!!!!!!!

Well done Lacey xx

Love & blessings

Evelyn said...

Thank you for the tutotial. Thats a very cute looking dinosaur.

Julies Knit and Sew Corner said...

Great tutorial thank you.
Your dinosaur is really good, it will be a hit with the youngsters.

Lucy said...

i love this and would love to make one for my daughter, she has a bit of thing for dinos ;0) would you be able to post or email me the patteren for this as i am a bit of a novice and woried about getting the size of the pices wrong.
many thanks Lucy

Lace hearts said...

Hi Lucy
Thanks for your comment. It really is very straightforward to make. I could post a pattern, or perhaps scan in and email, but you haven't left any contact details so I'm not sure how to get hold of you. I'll try and sort out a pattern, so it's ready. x

kimpeluffo said...

Thank you so much for doing this, they are fabulous and just what I'm looking for, for my friend's little I just have to start sewing!

Lace hearts said...

Lucy - sorry, haven't had a chance to reply to your message. Will try and do a pattern this week.
Kimpeluffo - huge thanks for leaving a comment. I have a lot of views on this post, and so I know it must be used, but few people comment... I'd love to see the result if you do make one! Do send me a picture and I'll pop it on my blog, anyone.