Sunday, 30 January 2011

Living with a baker...

Cake, anybody?

Have I ever mentioned I live with a part-time, wannabe baker? It's not good for the waistline, let me tell you. Every week there's some new temptation for the lunchboxes, and each week it's got worse, with a more varied and delicious and exotic cake. 

Last week we had these beauties, which weren't chocolatey enough... they had extra chocolate drops sprinkled in!

This week we have a delicious almond cake (shh, the kids don't know it's almond, or they won't eat it!):

but also, plum cake, which is half demolished already:

As for the cupcakes, well.... like father like daughter. Cakes are attacking me from all directions. I'm on a losing battle here.

These particular beauties followed a conversation with my daughter.

Her: Mum, could I make some cupcakes, please.
Me: Of course. You know where everything is. Go ahead.
Her: But I want to make professional ones.
Me: Go for it!
Her: But I mean professional. I means ones that wouldn't be out of place in a cake shop.
Me: Your cakes always look professional. But ok, make them super professional.
Her: Yay!

And two hours later, these were the result, with one (the bananas) contributed by another artist member of the family.

I love living with a family of bakers! : )

Go on, help yourself. One won't hurt you!


Highland Monkey's said...

Ohh yummy they look gorgeous. Your daughter's cake look very professional. I especially like the doggie one. My waistline has expanded just looking at all that grub!

ayumills said...

Hmmm yummy..!! All these cakes look professional to me! Love the bird and a star one!