Thursday, 14 October 2010

The heady days of Autumn - birthdays and makes and walks!

I can't believe where time goes... it flashes by. We've celebrated my daughter's birthday and have my son's coming up fast. She had a lovely party, with a cake my sil decorated this time - I love decorating cakes, but was in too much of a panic with party preps, so I was lucky she also loves decorating cakes and was able to step in. I decorated cupcakes with my daughter, with initials, which was fun. Here they are:

The cake didn't photograph so well, but it was lovely - a heart-shaped cushion, with lace patchwork in icing and a wonderful bow. She was a very happy girlie. The cupcakes went fast!

On her actual birthday she chose a family walk, followed by a big meal. Hence the shot she took of her sister's walking boot. The walk was fun - one we've done before, which covers 5 miles of lovely countryside, and is guided by metal arrows and phrases on the way:

Great fun! Especially the chocolate choosing bit...

I've also been busy making. I made a frog doorstop for the shop, which was fun:

Please do visit my little blogshop if you haven't, as I've added a few more makes recently. Link here. I've also made some more chicken doorstops, which I always love to make as they make me smile.

And of course endless hearts. I was rather pleased with these - they are made from a 30 year handmade Polish lace, which I set on silk a friend brought back for me from Singapore. I think this form of lacemaking is called spiderweb or eyelet lace.

One last thing, any tips for photographing fabric would be hugely appreciated. It drives me mad. The fabric fibres fight with the pixels in the camera, and I have to delete a lot of what I shoot. Any advice and help would be much appreciated. How do I get those lovely closeups without the swirly whirlies?