Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Back from a summer break

Go on... dig in. It is as scrummy as it looks (if you like a good banana split of course, and I couldn't resist!)

I can't believe the summer has gone. We had a lot of fun, and I thought for my first post I'd just pop a selection of pictures up... we went kayaking:

and saw lots of fascinating wildlife including endless varieties of large birds:


It was hot hot hot: we did this walk in 90 degrees, which I thought was impressive!

And we went the year this place opened:

It was all fabulous. I now have a lot of photos to sort through. That's the problem with digital cameras!

Much, much closer to home, in Dorset at the weekend:

I love summer and the many adventures it brings.


Floss said...

What fantastic photos and lovely looking adventures. It is hard to believe it's all gone now, isn't it? But a chill was in the air at 11pm last night taking out the bins, so autumn is coming to the south of France, too...

maypole said...

Fab pictures, especially those at the end, great effect