Thursday, 27 May 2010

A wonderful day viewing quilts. Special quilts!

I don't know where to start, as I've got so much to blog about, but you'd all get ever so bored if I did everything all at once. So I'll just blog about a couple of things today. First off, I thought I'd show off my necklace. I was inspired to make this having seen them in Sew Darn Cute:

And I loved it so much I made another...

Those pictures make me realize that I really must finish my mannequin off soon. It's been a WIP for a good couple of years.
But do have a go at yo-yos if you never have. They are very, very addictive. Google 'yo yo necklace' and you'll find lots of inspiration.

So, today was incredibly exciting. I got in touch with Dorothy Stapleton. Remember my post here. Well, it turns out she lives pretty much down the road from me, and invited me over. My goodness it was so inspirational to meet someone who is so clearly at the top of their field. Her quilts are stunning. Truly stunning. She generously gave me some postcards, and they simply don't do justice to the originals, but they will prove a wonderful reminder of a very happy morning.

This postcard is of a large quilt that hangs in her home, and I could have happily studied for a couple of hours. The images are made by using chemicals to imprint the fabric - definitely something I am inspired to try. Then all quilted together.

Another I absolutely adored...and again, much much larger and delicious in real life than this picture conveys.

Babies, in their cradles, with the things people say and the baby's take on those words. Fabulous. And very funny. I can't even begin to tell you the way Dorothy uses fabric. I've never seen done what she does. She was incredibly kind to spend time with me, and it's had my head spinning ever since.

I got another book, which I can't wait to read:

But most exciting of all, as I was leaving she gave me a piece of quilting she had done.

A butterfly. Now, I'm new to quilting, but I think this is log cabin. I'm only just realizing that quilts have names! That's how green I am. The gift of this had me almost speechless. Totally unexpected. It will have a very special place in our home.

I'm in love with the world of quilting and it's so wonderufl to meet someone like this, as I've been a bit overawed by the techniques, but she made it all sounds so simple. And humorous. I love the humour she injects into her quilts.

A final little something I've been working on. A letter brooch, made out of Cath Kidston oilcloth. I was rather pleased with this. So was the recipient.


Serenata said...

How exciting! You were lucky, and I love the butterfly, how special. Glad you had such a lovely day.

paula said...

What a lovely post to read, you can feel your excitement coming through into your words...will you be seeing this lovely lady again, will she advise you along your journey of quilting?

Lacey I love the way you try new things, I used to before I worked, it was wonderful to attempt these new and exciting crafts.

Good luck with your quilting, I would imagine its a very relaxing craft, well maybe once you've mastered it lol xxxxx

angel said...

Oh ya lucky bugger, i would have loved a day like yours, no wonder your all excited. :)
The butterfly is amazing! So i hope to be seeing many of your creations now you have no excuses... i find quilting very therapeutic .... though mine are quite pathetic compared to others, i still love doing them. :)
Anyhow, i'm off to wallow in self pity as i just found out BM won the fingy, so i need to sit in a corner for a while let it all out and grizzle...... :D
Loves ya loads. <3<3<3

Lululiz said...

What a very special day!
I chuckled when I saw the baby quilt, its hilarious.
And yes, you are right, the quilt block she gave you is a log cabin. that pattern is incredibly versatile, you can do so much with it, just by chosing light and dark fabrics and how to place them.

Sarah said...

Wow what a privilege to meet someone so clever at what she does. And to have postcards of her work. I mean who has postcards of their quilts?? Amazing.

Love your necklaces too. They will look so pretty on. I've made a few yoyos but never as something to wear. Might make a brooch perhaps for my new coat.

Debdor said...

Hello, firstly let me say I love your blog. I wonder if you will know the answer to this - what has happened to Mel Mel's blog? I have been trying for days to find it, but nothing.

Anonymous said...

Hey honey! Long time no goss, hope you're well and hope you're coming down this way soonish...?
Let us know x
PS yes I still have the disc with the adventure photos on, ahem! Might be quicker to give it you in person now ;o)