Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Take a narrowboat on the Grand Union Canal!

We've had a tough few months, and made a last minute decision that we needed to get completely away, once we knew it was possible. We hadn't been planning a narrowboat this year, but it's something we've done a few times before and always found totally relaxing, so we booked 3 days before we went. Not bad for spontaneous living, eh?! The kids were ecstatic. I think that's the only word for it, as we'd said we couldn't indulge it this year.

We all love it... we love the locks, we love the boat, we love the canal, and the wildlife, and the time together, and I feel I've been away for much longer then a week. I liked the aqueduct...

and the shoosh of the water at the lock gates.

And the friendliness of the people we met. There are some truly lovely people on the canals. And there are always swans or mallards to be fed.

We were especially fortunate to be blessed with weather worthy of August. Not bad for April, and very lucky as just before we went we were freezing, and it's now gone chilly yet again. We spent most of our time on the roof, sunbathing and reading books.

That's when we weren't being accosted by the lambs that were in practically every field. They were so sweet.

All of these had their mummys... but were playing together. I'm surprised my 9 year old didn't smuggle one home! I was tempted. They were so inquisitive and full of life and fun.

There were daffodils everywhere. I love daffodils. It's such a strong sign of spring, and warmer weather.

Just before we went, we'd celebrated Easter, and I was pleased at having cast aside my bread making machine and done it by hand. It's a good way to thump out stress, and I've badly needed to find ways to do that. I tried again on the boat, and I think I'll stick to it. It's odd, but it gives a better textured loaf then the one I get from the machine, even though I've always taken it out of the machine and punched it down before reshaping.

There's something very magical about kneading and the whole thing that goes with it. But back to the canal...I must also mention the tunnel... the third longest on England's canal network...

and a half hour passage through...

Yep, we even enjoyed that bit. I love my family.

I've now begun to craft again, inspired and enriched by my time out. I was casting around for something and have started these, reading for updating my Sew Happy shop.

I'll post more pictures soon... Meanwhile, I hope you've all been having a wonderful Easter break. Thanks so much for popping by.


Lululiz said...

I am so glad you are feeling all refreshed and ready to craft again. The photos from your trip are lovely.

Sarah said...

Beautiful photos! What a lovely ride you had through some very pretty countryside. I'm not so sure about that 1/2 hr tunnel bit!

Sorry you've been feeling so stressed lately. But nice to hear you are getting back into crafts and enjoying your days a little more. Those hearts are just perfect. I love them.

Lovely to hear you enjoyed your family getaway and that it's helped you.

claire said...

so pleased you have had a great time xx
(I dumped my breadmaker too - and I agree much better by hand)

charl said...

glad you had a good time.. somtimes a break away from normal life is just what is needed!
the lambs are soo sweet!

Lucy@Corset Laced Mannequins said...

what a fabulous break. I'd love to do it some day. Going to checl out your shop right now. Lucyxx

Serenata said...

Sounds like you all had a really special time together and such lovely photos. The lambs are sooo cute!

Mary Poppins said...

What lovely photographs from your ride, sounds fuun :0) Glad you are feeling all crafty, for me, I have to have crafty breaks to re-charge my batteries, I am intrigued what your hearty things are. they look lovely. I have been going heart crazy, making heart shaped cushions and little heart shaped pin cushions, I was thinking those could be little padded mirrors, or something like that.

Take care


Julies knitting corner said...

I am sure your time away has done wonders for you, loving your pictures. Those cute lambs too, I have always wanted too go on a wishes Julie.C

Elaine said...

You are brave.........I couldn't have done that tunnel *eeekk*
Glad you had a good break, the photos are lovely.

Love and blessings