Friday, 19 March 2010

The Tudor Costume!

A random picture of our gorgeous hamster, who we love, because I wanted to pop a picture of him in!

Thank you for all your thoughts since my last post. It's not been the best few weeks of my life here, but life is like that sometimes, isn't it. Still, it has a habit of making you laugh through the worst times. Conversation this morning in the car between Mr Lace and eldest little Lace tickled me. It went:
Mr Lace: So, are you doing that Moon Dance today?
Little Lace: Sigh. It's the Moon Walk!
Mr Lace: Okay, what about the slide like Justin Butter?
Little Lace: Sigh. You mean the glide. And it's Justin Bieber.
Me (at Mr Lace): You are so embarrassing. Please. Just don't try and be hip anymore!
Little Lace: Groan.

Also on a more positive note, the costume was a huge success, and littleun was thrilled. I've managed finally to take some pictures. Beginning with the trousers...

and a peek at the costume with the slashing...

And with the hat...

A closer look at that hat... it really was very easy...

And the whole costume at tudor assembly...

The cloak worked a treat... thank you to the wonderful SewHotMitmot for generously sending the fabric for this to me, after the equally wonderful Biker Boots and Chicken Feet had given it to her. I love you both oodles.