Sunday, 28 February 2010

A tudor costume fit for a king?!

"Could you make me a costume for my tudor banquet?"
"Um. I think that might be a bit beyond me, sweets."
"But you do sewing all the time!"
"But I've never successfully made an outfit. Unless you count a sheet thrown over you for Halloween."
"Yeah. See. That was great. Pleeeeeeasse!"
Silent sigh. "Let's go to the library and see what we can find."
"Fab. Yay. I wanna be Henry the VIII!"
Silent gulp.

So went the conversation in the Lace household a couple of weeks ago. Double gulp when we got the book and the 9 year old chose his costume.


He really did want to be Henry VIII. But I have to say, it's coming together much easier than I thought. And this coming from someone who just doesn't make clothes. Of course, it's not proper clothes. And it's all felt, which helps a lot. But all the same, so far, I can't say I've been stuck and actually I'm quite glad he pushed me into it. Bless him. He chose the colours for the felt, and we cut the trousers first. Hubs kindly cut the paper pattern pieces, which was beyond me. Partly because they were tiny in the book.

The trousers were a bit of a laughing point at first.

They looked too big for said 9 year old. Though he loved trying them...

They were even too big for hubs! But after gathering, I think they work.


I've been working on the jacket and sleeves today, which needed slashing and cotton sewing behind to pull through. I also decided to line them, and use little left over gems instead of pasta. Pasta was suggested by the book, but I thought it would just end up falling off.

And the sleeves are working as well. I've surprised myself, believe me.

I'll let you know how it comes together. I need to find some cheap red velvet type material for the cloak and armbands.  And soft blue/grey woollen tights aren't proving easy to come across at this time of year, either. He may have to go with the bare legged approach!

Thursday, 18 February 2010

I'm still here... a belated catch up. x


I owe huge apologies to all my lovely fellow bloggers. I haven't visited blogs for ages, ever since my last post, as I've had a huge order to fulfil, and have been busy with that and with the children. I hope I still have a couple of blogging friends left out there. I really do miss it when I can't get around to all your blogs.
I'm really sorry.
Firstly, I came home this week to two fabulous packages. The first I opened was from my lovely friend Mary Poppins. I'd asked if she would mind appliqueing a vest top for me, having seen the fabulous job she did for her own. Bit cheeky of me, but she very generously said she would and refused to let me pay for it. She is so incredibly neat at sewing, and I absolutely am in love with my altered vest. Here's a closer look.

Her lovely shop is here.

MaryPoppins... what can I say? I really do love it, and you have amazing talent. And not only did she send the vest, but she enclosed some lovely fabric, sunflower seeds, and a beautiful lavender cushion.

I have been very spoilt. It arrived in the middle of a very sad time for the Lace household, and it really warmed me from the inside. As did this...

from the amazingly talented Hetty Rosepepper. This wonderful blogging friend has an amazing talent for knitting, as well as stitching, and if you ever want any presents, for yourself or for others, please do visit her. Her work is exquisite. Just look at the roses:

This was a gift from a truly special individual, and as with Mary Poppin's work, has left me speechless. Thank you, both of you.

We've had half-term this week, and have really just chilled and not done an awful lot. Bits of crafting here and there:

and the appearance of the wonderful snake family:


I also treated myself to a dress for next Christmas. I've always loved 1920s fashion. Well, before Christmas I saw a dress in Top Shop that was a dress I'd long craved in my mind but never seen. But it was £55, and I couldn't justify spending that on myself. Even for a special always-wanted-a-dress-like-that number for Christmas. And they sold out quickly anyway. However, popping into Topshop yesterday, I saw one left, in my size, a little damaged, but fixable... and heavily heavily reduced. I um-ed and ah-ed for, oh, all of two minutes. Tried it on. Um-ed and ah-ed again. And ...


snapped it up! The photos don't do it justice. It's gorgeous.


And I've tucked it into the back of the wardrobe to enjoy next Christmas! Job done. Just a year later than everybody else. I showed one of my children, the one who is really into fashion, and she's already planning on stealing it. It's gorgeous when it swings. 

I'm going to try and blog a little more regularly. But more importantly, thank you for all your lovely comments on my last post. They were really appreciated.