Sunday, 24 January 2010

My button quilt revisited!

My daughter's been busy making a mask for her homework this weekend, and I think she's done incredibly well, so I had to include a picture.  She has a lot more talent at her age then I had, and she has the confidence to do things. Jelly-ous! Me? You bet!

Meanwhile, I've been harking back to the first thing I made in Domestic Science, which is what they called cookery/food tech in my day - shows my age! I made a quiche for the first time for ages, hoping the children will like it in their packed lunch as a change. I've loved quiche ever since I made it all those years ago at school, but home baked only, not shop bought. They are never rich enough.

On another baking subject, remember the delicious carrot and banana cake that Debbie at Country Heart and Home posted about and I baked (as did many of you). Well, it came in very useful for a birthday cake last week. The recipient was very impressed, thank goodness. So thank you again, Debbie!

Sarah over at Red Gingham was asking about my button quilt. I can't track it down on my own blog, though I think I blogged about it. My memory's not brilliant about these things. Lots of you kindly sent me a button last year, and I stitched each of these to the first quilt I've ever made. Did I show you the picture of when I'd laid it out. I'm sure I did, but just for Sarah, and anyone else who hasn't seen it:

And then I added buttons to tie it all together...

It really is very precious to me, because I asked lots of you to send me a button, just one, and as they came I kept a button diary/sketch of each button and who it came from, so it's full of lovely memories of the buttons coming.

 I can't show all the buttons at the same time, but they are all very pecious to me, and I thought of that when the lovely MaryPoppins thanked people for offering fabric squares for the kitchen curtains she is making here. It's such a wonderful way of linking everyone up.  So thank you again, from me, for my buttons.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

String quilt Teapot cosy and purse and covering buttons

Cup of tea, anyone? ;-) I've been busy with my stringing, and I hope I'm not becoming a string bore, so I won't hark on and on, but I'm thrilled with my teapot cover. I've also completed my first zipped project, which caused me no end of problems, but which my daughter absolutely loves. So it was (almost) worth it.

She'd actually made the string block for this one, so it's pretty much her own make - I just made it up for her. So I'm counting it as my third string project! But maybe it ought to be 2 1/2!

I've also got a lot of pleasure this week from covering buttons with some of my favourite fabrics. I've left long threads on them so I can attach them to hearts and bags and all sorts of ideas I have for them. But for now, I'm just enjoying looking at them.

It's very simple to cover buttons, and very quick to do. My sort of project!

The other rather lovely part of it is that I've been sitting quietly sewing each evening, and it inspired my daughter to get out her sewing kit as well, and she's now busy making something. Though I'm not allowed to know what it is!

Like everyone else, we've been so shocked by the images from Haiti this week. My son went off to school this morning in his hat... they are doing a hats for Haiti day, and hopefully raising lots of funds. It's heartwarming how many schools are doing what they can. I know I'm like everyone in wishing things speed up quickly with aid and help reaching the people who most need it. My prayers this week have been very much with Haiti, and I just wanted to mention it in my post.

Friday, 15 January 2010

String block - first make - and carrot cake

Fancy carrot cake, anyone? It's delicious. I finally made Debbie's recipe, here, making muffin sized cakes instead of one big cake, and I can absolutely recommend it. It's easy and incredibly tasty. If you visit Debbie at her site, she's having a very generous giveaway, here, and there's still a couple of days to sign up. If you enter from here, please mention Lace hearts, as then I get an extra entry. ;-)

The string quilt challenge is going well. I have eight made up at the moment, and my 13 year old made one of them... we've gone a bit string crazy.

I've finished my first quick project, which is a purse for my 11 year old. It's nothing special, but I'm pleased with it, and I know she'll like it:

Buttons. Who likes buttons? I had a wonderful rummage around a huge huge huge box of buttons in the charity shop earlier. I've never seen such a large collection, and it was lovely. This one's embroidered with a gold material - really pretty but not so good in the photograph, unfortunately as it's only around an inch in size.

I picked up a few real beauties. I wish my camera was better, but I've tried to show some of them... I loved these heraldic metal buttons...

These haven't photographed well at all, but I wanted to show them. They are all just so unusual - can you make out the pearl and metal one? In the middle. I've never seen a button like it.

Right, tea and carrot cake beckon, so I'll have to get munching! Thankyou for popping by if you've read this far.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Quilting... and Fractions!

I've done it! I've signed up to Loft Creations fabulous string quilt challenge, which is basically encouraging bloggers to make string quilt projects between now and June.
I was nervous about this, because I don't quilt - I've done one fairly basic quilt in my life - and I'm scared off by the thought of placing the wrong fabrics together. But after cutting some strips, and watching my daughter merrily placing them together randomly, I decided to try the same route and put aside my nerves about it. I was pleased with the first block I did:

And I've now completed four.

I have to say, it is hugely addictive.

We've had a brilliant time over Christmas and New Year, and with the snow. We couldn't find a toboggan so my lovely hubs set to and made one in half an hour. I know he's good with wood.

But all the same: Wow! We were impressed.

It worked really well, and we've now got it in case it snows again. Snow and kiddies is a lovely combination, it really is, but I'm glad it appears to be turning to slush. I feel sorry for all the people who have been trapped by it.

11 year old has settled back into school really well. I've been worrying about her understanding fractions. They are tricky for children. So I bought her this:

from here.
We were sitting looking at it, and guess who came on Radio 2, talking about the difficulty of children learning about fractions?! Carol Vorderman herself. Coincidences like that are very funny. Anyway, 11 year old seems to have responded well to the first instalment of 'fun with fractions', so hopefully we're going to crack it.

The other thing we managed to do over New Year, was pop and see the horse we used to share. He's so loveable. He's now around 35 and fully retired and living out his life in a good way, which is better than what happens to a lot of old horses. It was so nice to see him again.

He deserves a long and happy retirement, he really does.
Right, I'm off to do some more stringing!