Tuesday, 8 December 2009

The joy of mutual crafting get togethers. Yay!

I was lucky enough to be invited to a crafting 2 hours on Saturday, and it reminded me of how lovely it is to get together with people to craft. This was Christmas crafting, with funds raised going to a local wildlife trust. They made a lot of money (it was only £20 each), and we came away with lots of lovely Christmas things and having had such a lovely time (mince pies and mulled wine were also included, yum). I'm now planning on setting up a weekly craft club next year, as my new year's resolution. I'm hoping I actually do this one, as I know I'll get so much out of it. I love sewing, but I have to say, I love trying new crafts as well. So, what did I make? Well, I made a wreath for the door:

I've never made a wreath before. I'm thrilled with it, especially as I then sew one locally advertised at £65! Silly money for a wreath.

As it was based at a wildlife trust centre, all the things to use were sourced in the woods or from the organiser's garden, so they look really lovely together.

Actually, seeing this picture makes me realize that I really should do a post on my front door one day - it is rather special, and has quite a story behind it. Literally behind it! I'll leave you guessing on that one until the new year. ;-) I've also realized with excitement that I've reached 100 followers, and I'd thought I really ought to do another giveaway once I got to 100... but I can't before Christmas, so I'll sort that out as well next year. So watch out for that one.

I also, very quickly, made an angel, which I'm very proud of, as I didn't think I would be able to.

She needs eyes, poor thing. Next, and don't laugh, because three people did on the day. I made Rudolph logdeer:

Apparently he has buck rabbit teeth, a pig's nose, and silly antlers. Well, me and the kiddies love him to bits! So there! ;-)

I made something else, but I haven't got a photo yet. Sorry. But I've got this instead:

I rescued him from being dumped a couple of Christmases ago. I can't believe people just dump things like this - complete with lights as well! Mary, if you stop by, please note the bare plaster walls behind him! I was not kidding when I said I've lost count of the Christmas we've had to decorate and ignore the plaster and holes and polyfiller behind the decorations. It's kind of expected now. Haha.

Sewing wise, I've been making more coasters... chicken ones this time:

And cushions:

That's all for today. Thanks so much for dropping by, and if you've made it this far, huge huge thanks! x


Daniela Cerri said...

Thank you darling, maybe you can read passed on, but the images are piĆ¹immediate, I embrace and I wish you a Merry Christmas!

Your work is wanderfool!!!

Floss said...

It was a long post, you're right, but lovely! The crafting together sounds great, and the wreath is really special, particularly when you hear what they retail at! Glad you rescued the deer too - our recent winner for a thrifty rescue is our minister's son in law, who found a widescreen TV in a bin which turned out to be in perfect working order! What are people thinking of? And lovely crafts too - thanks for such a good update.

Serenata said...

Looks like you had a lovely time at the Crafting get together and I love your reindeer - he is unique!

Glad you are feeling brighter now.

Mary Poppins said...

Gorgeous wreath and even more gorgeous front door, can't wait to hear the story behind it :)

Thanks for sharing your pretty wall, maybe we could start a trend ;)

Good luck for the crafting club, sounds like you shall have a ball



Lalabibaby said...

Glad to hear your mojo is back Lacey and what a a lovely array of crafting ... I love your wreath especially. x

Thecraftytrundler said...

Love that wreath!!! Is there no end to your talents!!
That's a great idea about a craft club, it's fun to share crafts with other like minded people, and great to try new crafts!
Have a great (crafty) week!!

Sharon xx

Sal said...

I love Rudolph Logdeer...and I am not laughing!

Dolly said...

logdeer makes me laugh - in a good way! very en-deering (sorry couldnt resist)x

❦TattingChic said...

Oh, that wreath is lovely! Lace ♥s you are one multi-talented lady! What beautiful natural pieces you got to put on that wreath! That is your first wreath, too! How very nice!

I love that whatcha-ma-call-it...you know the thing-a-ma-jigger that is on the ceiling...the round thing-a-ma-bobber that decorates the ceiling...the ceiling medallion? Is that what it's called? Anyway, it's a nice one. The light fixture is lovely, too, but it takes to long to clean, aye? Well, then, duly noted! I shall heed your advice and not get one.

Merry Christmas to you and your darlings!

Lululiz said...

I LOVE Rudolph logdeer, he is adorable, and don't let anybody say otherwise.

Julies knitting corner said...

I so have loved to be involved with your crafting togethers, how lucky you are it sounds really productive. Your decorations are good, I love those coasters and the wreath. Julie.C

Primrose Corner said...

You've been so busy and I do love your rudolph... makes you smile well he did me.

The wreath is beautiful, I do like all those seed heads in with the holly and the ivy.

Lajoni said...

Ahhhh that post did make me smile so thank you Lacey....loved your logdeer ingenius and am loving your chicken coasters they are lovely as are all of your ideas xx