Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Huge thanks to Kirstie Allsopp! And other Christmas preparations!!!!

We all loved Kirstie Allsop's Christmas programmes. I've heard criticism - yes, some of the things were expensive, but lots were dirt cheap, and it was packed with ideas. And it was very Christmas-y. I just don't get why those who criticised it continued to watch it. I just love her enthusiasm.

Anyway, every year since the children were small and like lots of mums, I've made salt dough with the children. We've lots of salt dough decorations, but I'd never thought to make letters (strange, given how much I like making fabric letters!).

So on Sunday we cleared the kitchen table and the children made a Happy Christmas garland, helped by me and Him. But very largely their own work and design ideas went in.

We had sooooo much fun with this.

and when it came to the painting, they were all so imaginative.

It really is my most favourite home made decoration ever, and I'm so glad I watched the three programmes.

My creative 11 year old then decided she wanted to make the stocking that Kirstie had made.
So another thank you to Kirstie! She commandeered the sewing machine and disappeared for an hour...refusing to let me help. And this is the result.

She's good with sewing, but I have to say it was a very proud mummy moment when she unveiled it and I realized she's old enough to do things like this. (She knows about the mis-spelling of Christmas by the way... it adds to the charm, we think!)

I also had the children making decorations for the Christmas cake. Every year, hubs makes a cake. Good for him. He likes Christmas cake. I hate it. He and eldest are the only ones to eat it and it lasts 62 years. Oh, and my mum can usually manage a mouse-sized portion. Well, every year he then spoils it by going out and buying decorations for the top. This year I put my foot down and said the children could do it better. So we gave them the icing and colouring and left them to it.

They loved this task.

And this is the result. Even hubs had to agree it wins hands down over the finish in previous years. Aren't children useful!

Last night hubs brought this in:

This was destined for his boss, but she couldn't get in because of the snow. So she said he could bring them home to me. It was a lovely surprise for Christmas. I love getting flowers.

I've been very spoilt, because lovely hubs had already bought me some Christmas flowers and they are all looking so gorgeous.

I've also taken time to decorate my dresser for Christmas, which I don't normally do. But I'm pleased I did. It just looks very fresh and fun for the season.

We have two nativity scenes in the house... one is now on the dresser as the centre piece:

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone.


Sal said...

I loved Kirstie's programmes too!
Lovely to see the things you have all made.
Have a wonderful Christmas ;-)

MelMel said...

I love your home at cute the garland is!
Just adorable!

I loved KHMC.....she made such fun things, I think a happy mix of £££ and budget, her joy of the moment shone through, I think she is a sweet girl!

Thank you once again for thinking of me...your a very lovely lady!

Happy Christmas....xxxx

Sal said...

I have put far too much on mine!!

Lululiz said...

I just love seeing beautiful things crafted by children, and I am always so happy when I see that parents are still teaching their children all sorts of crafts. Your children did incredibly well, congrats to them on some fabulous creations.

Serenata said...

I've finally watched all three of KHMC as well and I thought she was delightful, I loved her enthusiasm and as you say some of her ideas are perfectly manageable on a budget. I think your children have done brilliantly with the decorations! Hope you have a lovely Christmas.

Sarah said...

What very clever children you have! Wonderful hanging letters decorated so nicely and that stocking is out of this world!!! Amazing, and what a whole pile of fun for them. Great cake too, I love cake decorations. Have a very happy Christmas!

Thecraftytrundler said...

Love your children's decorations! It's great to see their creations, and great to be encouraged. I want to have a go at the stocking, Ellieweb has made a lovely one, and so has your dd too!!!
Here's wishing you, and your family, a wonderful Christmas, and a happy, crafty, new year!! : )

Sharon xx

vintage girl said...

I really enjoyed Kirsties programme too, and the decorations the children have made look gorgeous! have a very merry christmas! Lisa x

LissyLou said...

oh well done, all looks great - i loved watching Kirstie xxx

white o'morn cottage said...

Your childrens' decorations are amazing! Well done them and you. Have a wonderful Christmas all of you...Best wishes....Pam

maypole said...

Lacey your blog looks fabulous with all the lovely things you all made.

I love Kirsty but yours are more special because we know you!!.

I also LOVE the vase that your flowers are in and I am going to make a salt dough garland next year, after seeing yours. Brilliant.

angel said...

Flammin Nora, i love you and want you to adopt me........ PWEASE. :-)
How much talent can one family have!!!!! they [the icklies] have done you proud again.... Love em. Mwah XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

silverpebble said...

Lovely lovely home-made decorations! It was great to see them. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year to you!

A Thrifty Mrs said...


mitmot said...

thanks for your lovely comment on my blog - i adore my cushions and now they have the perfect resting place, so glad you spotted them! My strings are really random, bit like me really! would be great if you joined in as well xxxx