Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Meal time!

Stir fried veggies and noodles anyone, as cooked last week for one evening meal by my 13 year old. It was yummy (sorry for the poor photograph.. which has now unfortunately disappeared!).

Has anybody else been interested in this latest survey, regarding the meals us mums are meant to cook ALL THE TIME???

Here's the list of the top 9 meals UK mums are supposed to rotate.

1. Spaghetti Bolognese
2. Roast dinner
3. Shepherds Pie/Cottage Pie
4. Pasta dish
5. Meat and two veg
6. Pizza
7. Casserole/stew
8. Sausages and chips/mash
9. Indian/Curry

There's nothing actually wrong with the list. It all sound yummy, and more than reasonable as a rotated list given how busy parents are. But it got me thinking. Do I? Well, yep, I do bolognaise. And we love our roast dinners (surely that counts as three or four with the different meats used?!). And yep, give me a shepherds pie any day. And kids always love pasta. And yes, I cook the rest. But I also cook stuffed vegetables (peppers are a particular fave in this house), pancake pie (admittedly stuffed with bolognaise, LOL), lasagna, and my hubs does a lovely roasted chorizo/veggie thing we all love. Plus there's the stir fries of course. And there's no mention of fish - I love a good fish pie. And lots of vegetarian food. Plus all the things you can do with chicken wrapped and cooked in foil. The list is endless.

I always treat these surveys with a bit of healthy cynicism.

I thought I'd add a heart, just to fit in a pretty photograph! :-)


Floss said...

Interesting list. I certainly do everything they mention except shepherd's/cottage pie, because no one in the family particularly likes them. But, as you say, I also do a lot of fish and also loads of soups/bakes/stirfries with whatever's growing in the garden.

Since coming to France, where schools and workplaces offer excellent three course lunches, I have also cooked a lot of lighter food in the evenings - salads, soups, bread, cheese etc.

And that heart is very pretty!

Lululiz said...

Soups, thick, hearty winter soups? Why are they not on the list? I do cook all those meals on the list, but there are hundreds of different pasta dishes, for example and we cook at least 50 different ones; meat and two veg? Again, that could be so many different combinations. A list of 9 sounds so small, but really there are hundreds and hundreds of possible dishes in those 9.

Julies knitting corner said...

I think they go to far with these surveys, my mum and gran brought me and my brothers and sister up on most of these meals. And they were never told how to do it. I love the little heart, really nice. best wishes Julie.C

A Decluttered Life said...

Hi yes I remember seeing that the other day too. Love my mashed potato with pie and beans mmm.
Wintery food, its nice to get to summer and have lots of salad and light food too. xdom

bekimarie said...

I'll come to you next time i'm stuck as to what to do for tea 'hehe'.
I give up, what is the mystery make below? Love the fabric and itching to know what it is :)
Beki xxx

maypole said...

OH pointed this out to me today. I do most of those too, but also cook lots of other things.

Lovely looking stir fry, one of my fav meals.

Carol said...

I was quite surprised by this list. I did not expect to see roadt dinner there, no chinese either! I like all that is on this list in although the pasta would be at the bottom along with the pizza and I would have Thai on list.
I love your prety heart and the brooches in an earlier post.
Carol x

Primrose Corner said...

Love your heart - that really is very pretty. The fabric

Daniela Cerri said...

Hallo!!! Your bog is very beautifull!!!