Monday, 12 October 2009

Lotta Kühlhorn's fabric at IKEA. Yummy!

I was very excited at the weekend. Having had eight 12/13 year olds for a party on Saturday, which was great fun (go see Up!) on Sunday we popped into Ikea. I always love the fabric selection at Ikea and they didn't disappoint. They have a wonderful new collection in by Lotta Kühlhorn. Five absolutely gorgeous fabrics in one range... the one above plus this beauty:

plus this one:

This one, which they had just a metre left and which I jumped on:

Apparently that particular one has flown out the shop. I'm not surprised. It's a really lovely Christmas-y design, and much better than this reduction in size makes it appear. And this one:

Plus some others from her design, but in another range. I really was spoilt for choice. The quality is superb - a really thick cotton. I love them.

She's a graphic designer and illustrator who lives in Stockholm, who's also done lots of book jackets. She plays with such fabulous patterns. Truly inspirational, methinks.

Thanks to the lovely Sarah at Red Gingham and her timely recent post on a denim bag, I managed to gain enough confidence to run up this bag for said 13 year old, giving her the choice of having the crochet heart I'd made a while back on or off. I'd had a pattern for a denim jeans bag and lost it so was in a panic until I saw Red Gingham's post about making one, so huge thanks.

I'm still waiting on a verdict on the heart, but she loves the bag, so that was a success!

I'm now busy making some commissions for a local shop, and also for my online shop. I'll aim to post pictures of my makes in the local shop soon.


madmummy said...

glad all went well sat with ur houseful, must have done if u had the energy for Ikea on a Sunday!!
Lovely fabric!
x Steph

bekimarie said...

The denim bag is great and the badges add a nice touch!
Love, love, love the fabrics!
Now I just need to figure out a way to get my lovely other to take me to Ikea. We've been once since we've been together and he swore never again. I know most men don't like the place but if we were married a visit there could quite possibly cause divorce ;).
So pleased to hear you've got commissions, well doine you!
Have a great week
Beki xxx

claire said...

Love those to MK at the a trip to Ikea is in order I am seriously crossing things that they have those fabrocs - love the christamassy one :)

Floss said...

Wow, the fabrics are wonderful! None for me this year (utmost challenge...) but in fact I almost never buy new fabrics, being a natural thrifter. Those are ones that could tempt me, though, as are the Flower Fairy ones you showed a few posts ago. I'm glad the party went well. Was the decorating done? (And who cares, except you, really?)

Sarah said...

Fabulous bag!!! Love it! You did a great job of it, looks prettier than mine. I love the badges you dressed it up with. Bet she was very proud of you for making it just for her. It's something she can use into her teenage years too. Hope she had a lovely party!

Elizabethd said...

Perfect bag for the teenager!
Ikea fabrics have never attracted me, but some of yours were very pretty.

Lululiz said...

Those are quite extraordinary fabrics. I do like the look of them very much.
Excellent jobbie on the jeans bag, looks pretty fab ( oh, and I like it WITH the heart, definitely ).

Serenata said...

They're great bags aren't they?! I'm now going to be keeping a good look out for 'pretty' jeans!

Glad to hear your weekend went well.

Joanne Brown said...

I've been lusting after those fabrics in Ikea too! I didn't realise that they might be selling out so quickly so I guess a trip there might be in order soon, lol.

white o'morn cottage said...

Those fabrics are gorgeous! As is the denim bag. I like the heart I must say. Lovely...Pam

Lajoni said...

lovely post Lacey....what will you make with all this fabric or is it mostly for stroking and admiring lol....great bag, love denim goes with anything xx

maypole said...

ooh lovely stuff there. I get a bit tearful when I look at the photos of my children when they were little, I can't help thinking to myself, oh I hope they were happy what with my shouting and all!

Kristy said...

I really must pop down to IKEA for some of that fabric.Thanks for the reminder.I hope it's not all gone!