Thursday, 8 October 2009

An important birthday!

On Saturday it's my eldest's 13th. In the picture above she's cuddling her newborn brother, when she was aged four. And in the picture below she's ready for her very first day at school, posing with her younger sister.

I can't believe my eldest is going to be a teenager... where did that time go. Both the photos above seem like they were taken recently in my head. I love her to bits, and I hope her birthday is a fabulous day for her.

Hence today I've been rushing around like a mad thing. She's invited 8 of her friends to film at the cinema then wants them to come back for pizza. There's nothing like people coming over to get the house tidied at double quick speed! But the weak point is the decorating. Now the landing is done, but the hall is still adorned with the yucky yellow embossed wallpaper:

I am desperately trying to get it all stripped off and tidier before Saturday. These things are never easy!

Meanwhile, I've ordered some yummy Christmas fabric.

And finally finished a pressie for a friend for her daughter.

I really ought to make one for eldest's birthday... a midnight job tonight, I guess. As ever, there just aren't enough hours in the day.

I've taken more stock into the local shop, and she was thrilled. She's made some more sales of the things I've taken in, and is loving whatever I can make, so I'm enjoying that. It is strange though to drive past and see my stuff in her window. Nice, but strange.


Elizabethd said...

I bet those girls wouldnt notice what is on the walls! Have a wonderful day.

bekimarie said...

They grow far too quick, hope she has a great day.
Hmmmm, 13 makes me think raging hormones, good luck 'hehe' ;).
Lovely christmas fabrics, I really must get on and order some. Got lots of plans for makes but they won't get done without the fabric now will they?
Love the lettering on the bag, did you hem it first or just leave it?
Ooooh, weekend nearly here, enjoy!
Beki xxx

claire said...

oh happy birthday to your dd xxxxx
I felt odd having a 13 year old - but not as odd as when I say my son will be 15 next *yikes!!!*
good luck getting the house ready......

Serenata said...

Seems to be the month for 13 year olds! Hope your daughter has a lovely birthday. You are setting yourself some challenges before Saturday! Why DO we put ourselves through these things I wonder?

Love the pressie you made for 'Lucy'.

Mary Poppins said...

Wow happy birthday to the nearly teenager :) Have fun with your family.

Hope all goes well with the tidying and look forward to you sharing a photograph or two of your pretties in the shop, hint hint ;)

love and hugs


Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

congrats on the shop sales your doing really well!
and happy birthday to your 13 year old! my eldest has just turned 8 and that felt old but i cant imagine having a teenager :-)
sounds like you have some lovely plans so enjoy it !
Lesley x

Red Riding said...

hope she has a lovely birthday
im trying to get started on christmas too...the thoughts there,its just lacking the motivation


LittleGem said...

Happy Birthday to your DD Lacey :) Love the birthday present you've made too - oooh and the Xmas fabric!
So pleased you are enjoying your making and selling :) xx

madmummy said...

Happy birthday to her and well done to you...!!
Am intrigued to know where you are selling your lovely creations, am sure we live very close...
xxx Steph

Anonymous said...

Love the first photo! I hope your daughter has a wonderful birthday.

(They won't notice the wall!}

Have a great day.

Sarah said...

Thanks for your message! Glad to be of assistance to you in your mad hours. She'll absolutely love it! Just perfect for a new teen. Good luck with the outing!!

Anonymous said...

They grow up so quick, my second one is 19yrs and he is hardly in, so its me and the dog most of the time. I am sure your daughter will have a wonderful birthday, and save your energy for the pizza back at your house. best wishes Julie.C