Thursday, 15 October 2009

Felted flower brooches

I am very excited. I've just ordered some fabric from the States, which I haven't done for a while, but all set in motion by the lovely MaryPoppins, who posted a picture of a gorgeous lavender fabric, which I just fell in love with. I've spent a lot of time trying to source lavender fabrics, and it is really difficult. But thanks to MaryPoppins and SewhotMitmot, I think my obsession has finally been sated. Or perhaps it's just been sparked!

I'll show you as soon as they land on the doormat - probably a while, because no doubt they will be held up in the postal strike. Meanwhile, I've been making these - I'm so pleased with them.

I've wanted to make felted brooches for a long, long time, always admiring those I've seen at craft fairs. More to come!

Monday, 12 October 2009

Lotta Kühlhorn's fabric at IKEA. Yummy!

I was very excited at the weekend. Having had eight 12/13 year olds for a party on Saturday, which was great fun (go see Up!) on Sunday we popped into Ikea. I always love the fabric selection at Ikea and they didn't disappoint. They have a wonderful new collection in by Lotta Kühlhorn. Five absolutely gorgeous fabrics in one range... the one above plus this beauty:

plus this one:

This one, which they had just a metre left and which I jumped on:

Apparently that particular one has flown out the shop. I'm not surprised. It's a really lovely Christmas-y design, and much better than this reduction in size makes it appear. And this one:

Plus some others from her design, but in another range. I really was spoilt for choice. The quality is superb - a really thick cotton. I love them.

She's a graphic designer and illustrator who lives in Stockholm, who's also done lots of book jackets. She plays with such fabulous patterns. Truly inspirational, methinks.

Thanks to the lovely Sarah at Red Gingham and her timely recent post on a denim bag, I managed to gain enough confidence to run up this bag for said 13 year old, giving her the choice of having the crochet heart I'd made a while back on or off. I'd had a pattern for a denim jeans bag and lost it so was in a panic until I saw Red Gingham's post about making one, so huge thanks.

I'm still waiting on a verdict on the heart, but she loves the bag, so that was a success!

I'm now busy making some commissions for a local shop, and also for my online shop. I'll aim to post pictures of my makes in the local shop soon.

Thursday, 8 October 2009

An important birthday!

On Saturday it's my eldest's 13th. In the picture above she's cuddling her newborn brother, when she was aged four. And in the picture below she's ready for her very first day at school, posing with her younger sister.

I can't believe my eldest is going to be a teenager... where did that time go. Both the photos above seem like they were taken recently in my head. I love her to bits, and I hope her birthday is a fabulous day for her.

Hence today I've been rushing around like a mad thing. She's invited 8 of her friends to film at the cinema then wants them to come back for pizza. There's nothing like people coming over to get the house tidied at double quick speed! But the weak point is the decorating. Now the landing is done, but the hall is still adorned with the yucky yellow embossed wallpaper:

I am desperately trying to get it all stripped off and tidier before Saturday. These things are never easy!

Meanwhile, I've ordered some yummy Christmas fabric.

And finally finished a pressie for a friend for her daughter.

I really ought to make one for eldest's birthday... a midnight job tonight, I guess. As ever, there just aren't enough hours in the day.

I've taken more stock into the local shop, and she was thrilled. She's made some more sales of the things I've taken in, and is loving whatever I can make, so I'm enjoying that. It is strange though to drive past and see my stuff in her window. Nice, but strange.

Saturday, 3 October 2009

The wonderful world of blogging

I've received some wonderful things through the post recently from fellow bloggers. What a lovely crowd they are. Just look at my goodies. Starting with...

... my yummy beach hut from Bloomin' Myrtle, an incredibly talented person (check out her fabulous shop here). She'd included this little package...

and inside was the most beautiful piece of lace.

Next, I opened my swap Little Gem had suggested. I'm so pleased she did, as look what she sent me.

She's also incredibly talented, and has such lovely ideas. I loved the fact she'd sent me a gorgeous padded hanger just when I had made my first one.

And this week Biker boots and chicken feet sent me some pretty mats I'd asked her to get for me, and naughtily enclosed the most beautiful fabric - I'm stunned by it. She sent loads, and the images are just incredible, as is the quality of the fabric.

So thank you blogger friends. I've got some lovely things in my house from so many of you all.

As for me, I've been busy making little lavender cushions... I just love flower fairy fabric. I've been collecting and hoarding it, but I've finally made myself break into it, and it's such fun to work with.

I'm using my Christmas panel fabric at the moment, backed with an assortment of flower fabric and Cath Kidston, and I'm really pleased with them. Not proud ;-) ... I'm working on that. But really really pleased!