Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Felting disasters and Lego Houses!

A blogger has missed me! Just one, but it's enough to inspire me to post again. You have been warned! LOL.

So, here we go... my felting adventures. Cue huge titter.

A local cs was selling scarves at £1.50. I got a few beauties, including the spotty Gap one, which is double sided, and brand new and I can't bear to felt (though it would as it is wool). I've wanted to try felting for so long... years in fact, but never got around to it. Well, I judged what I thought was wool - not easy, cos some acrylics are so soft. But I got a gorgeous handmade in Ireland mohair scarf (the blue one on the left) which I knew would felt. I popped them in the machine, and only the mohair one felted good and proper. So I boiled the others.

Wow-wee, what a whiff! There was definitely wool in there. But obviously acrylic as well so the results are not brilliant. I may give up on this felting lark!

On the subject of better successes... this weekend we went to see James Mays' Lego House, which was fantastic. What a boys' toy! It even had subsidence problems! So authentic. DS, who's eight, loved it to bits and wants to build his own.

It was busy, but we walked up the hill behind it and had that bit to ourselves.
It does look fun in the setting (the largest vineyard in England apparently), with the Surrey Hills behind it.

We then went on to a local pick your own, where we were incredulous at the pumpkin field....

And came home to bake. Now, we often make things for the packed lunches, cos it's interesting for the kids, and we enjoy baking. I made these:

while hubs made these:

I popped over to a friends late in the afternoon, for an exciting proposition about my sewn items (more at some time soon I hope!) , and a glass or two of wine, and the gals there were incredulous we made stuff for packed lunches. I felt I'd landed from another planet. Please tell me we're not alone in making stuff?! I thought lots of peeps did.

And there's gotta be a bit about fabric... I got some wonderful Rose & Hubble fabric recently. What to do?

Why, make birdies of course! I made them up as I went along, but I'm really pleased with them. Going to do some Christmas ones next.

There, I'm back. Kind of. :-)


LittleGem said...

Hooray you're back, and I for one have missed you! Sorry to hear about the felting problems, but on the plus side those birdies are cute!! Don't stay away too long xxx

Lululiz said...

YIKES, you mentioned the C word, naughty girl!

Oh, I so know how you feel about felting, I am very good at felting by accident, but try and felt on purpose, errrmmm, thats a totally different kettle of fish. Don't give up though, it really is such fun ( when one gets it right ).

Serenata said...

Great to see you back! Love the little birds and well done on trying the felting. I haven't tried yet but want to one day. As to making cakes etc... for packed lunches I do sometimes although they tend to disappear in one day!

Floss said...

Hi there - nice to see you! I would like to know more about the felt, even though you're on a learning curve... I have one or two woolen items saved up, but have never done anything with them over the years!

The lego house would have been very popular with my boys too, although they would have wanted to reproduce it as soon as we got home!

Debbie @ The Shabby Bungalow said...

The lego house is amazing. I don't actually make things for packed lunches - it is bad enough making 20 packed lunches a week! LOL I think it's good that you do. I might be tempted if I didn't work full time but I'm always tired :( Enjoying blog hoping and painting this week as I have a weeks holiday from work. BTW loved the spotty trees in your last post :)

claire said...

why where you been :D
who missed ya!!!!
Lovely fabric, and cute birdies x
you are familiar with my felting experience....I may try again another year!!!
My boys would love the Lego House...ds3 is seriously into (getting the big boys to make for him) lego houses at the mo!!

Elizabethd said...

Very good to see you back, I've looked several times, but no one around!

karen said...

It's soo easy to find yourself getting out of the blogging habbit isn't it.
I just wanted to say No your not on your own I try hard to make sure that my little one has something home made in his packed lunch evey week. I think it's something you should feel proud about.

MelMel said...

Hello lovely lady!!!

I love birdies....tweetastic!

the fabric is so cute!

Lovely to hear from you!xxxxx

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

oh you were missed by more than one ;-)
love the birdies they are fab :-) mine always end up a bit squiffy looking more like a demented squirrel than bird.... must try harder!
Lesley x

Homemakers Tales said...

Missed you to but i,m the same fits and starts !! x

Lajoni said...

Good to see you back hun...you do make me giggle....Those scarves looked gorgeous, so were you able to use any of them afterwards?...and your little birdies are so sweet they will be great for C
Got a giveaway on my blog if you want to join in xxxx

Sarah said...

I want to know more about the lego house! Is it for real? Does it work?

angel said...

Its all minging.

cept DHs muffins they look scrummy. :-)


*jumen* i aint saying nuffin....lol