Monday, 29 June 2009

Thank you Primrose Corner!

Julia over at Primrose Corner had a giveaway recently which I was lucky enough to win. The fabric fat quarters she sent are lush, truly gorgeous, and I've got lots of ideas of what I'll do with them.

But until I use them, they are being well and truly admired.

It's well worth browsing her online shop Gone to Earth for some yummy fabric goodness. Thank you Julia.

I've been having fun making coasters for our kitchen table... what do you think.

They seem to work in any fabric.

I've gone a bit coaster mad!

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Floss's 40th Birthday fun!

Well, what can I say. Floss's 40th was a blast. It was fun from beginning to end. I chose some beautiful flowers for her. I had fun picking my outfit...

I customised my fave summer hat with lace and a pretty flower brooch...

Dug out my party shoes... and set off.

However, Floss hadn't told us that as a surprise she'd organised a winter wonderland...

It was pretty, so pretty, but it meant I had to ditch the party shoes and borrow Floss's wellies...

We made snow people, then the sun shone and we enjoyed the private funfair that Floss had organised for us to warm us up after the snow. I chose a dinky little ride... but Floss, well, ...

Floss was a mite more adventurous...

Bits of her dropped off, to hysterical screams from the rest of us...she lost her shoes, her hat, and her ice cream. All I can say is, it was frankly lucky she was sitting on her ballgown.

After that, we all had masses to eat. Floss had decided to just have puddings - a gal after my own heart. I had 16!

(You can see my dress in this picture.)

Next came the entertainment. Now, Floss had decided to surprise us, but she misread the entertainment. She thought it would be foxy dancers for all us ladies.

It turned out to be boxy dancers. Oh, how we laughed at her. Sorry, I mean with her.

You can just see hints of Floss's wonderful garden. She'd had her gardeners put together a little something to greet us (I forgot to mention, as she'd laid on so much I kept forgetting to take pictures). Here's the little something that her staff had thrown together on their day off.

Amazing eh? And all made with apples. Actually, her pad is amazing.... this was the entrance hall (though we were mainly kept in the garden as it was a garden party, but I sneaked a pic for you).

So, a fabulous day. Truly fabulous. Thank you Floss. It's been unforgettable!

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Floss's Birthday party!

Well, it's THE weekend of FLoss's blogging birthday garden party, and I'm very excited as I've never been invited to a blogging party before. I'll be letting you know everything I've worn and what my food consists of. I know there are lots of other bloggers going, so I can't wait to see what you all get up to! Let's have a fabulous party. Happy Birthday Floss!

Friday, 5 June 2009

Crochet mushrooms and toadstools. Fun!

Yesterday I crocheted some mushrooms. Just off the cuff, really. Just because I decided I could, and inspired by the coral reef garden I saw at the knitting and stitching show sometime back.

Hubs came home halfway through.

Me: I'm crocheting some mushrooms! Look!
Hubs: Why?
Me: Um. Because.
Hubs. What are they for?
Me: Absolutely nothing. (wondering why I was bothering and if I'd lost the plot by now).

However, to be fair hubs is usually my biggest fan, and he did come in halfway through, when they looked rather pathetic and floppy. He rather likes them (in the way you indulge a favourite pet) now they are done.

I love them.

They are just fun.

Fun to do, and fun to look at.

Meanwhile, I had two littleuns at home, and they did some felt crafting...

Monsters and islands...

So it was a good day. We even managed to fit in a quick walk through a local rose garden. Wonderful scents.

Finally, I'm not sure whether I posted a picture already of the wonderful button that Lajoni over at Painting New Memories painted for me:

How wonderful is that?! She is so incredibly talented and is in the process of stocking up her new blog shop. Hurry up, Laj!

Monday, 1 June 2009

Camping in the New Forest

We had such a lovely long weekend camping in the New Forest. I love camping, and I love the New Forest. Especially at this time of year, with all the newborn foals. They are incredibly cute.

There will inevitably be more pics t0 follow, as the cute pics aren't on my camera!

We went for some lovely walks, seeing grass snakes, deer, cows roaming thru the forest, which oddly enough really startled us when we heard them coming!, and the horses of course.

I hate sleeping bags, so always throw in our duvets, so the inside of the tent looked very colourful indeed.

And yummy smells of frying bacon in the mornings.

I'm incredibly excited, because tonight we're finally gonna try out my £2 car boot find. A lovely woman sold me this - barely used, and still in it's wrapping. I've wanted a pie maker for ages. I make my own on saucers/plates/anything really, but I'd love to try a pie maker and see how it compares. And for £2, I had nothing to lose.

We've settled on a chinese chicken filling. I'll let you know!