Monday, 4 May 2009

What a lovely weekend and fabric bunting

I hope you've all had a good Bank Holiday. I've been having lots of fun, though it was colder than I'd thought, and as we went away, I had to put up with my thin choice of clothes. We visited a really pretty village, and had a stunning walk through a local bluebell wood which is privately owned, but opened for one day a year by the amazing 81 year old owner, who we were lucky enough to meet. Wow, is all I can say, but I'm afraid I haven't photos at the moment. Sorry.

I've also been busy planning things for the shop, as I want to update it frequently. I've finished a commission this week for some letter bunting, hence the A and E dotted into this post, and got that posted off. I've done more bunting for the shop, and will drip it in this week when I get the time. My list gets longer and my time gets shorter at the moment. Anyone else familiar with that problem?!

And just to prove I'm not only obsessed with Cath Kidston... here's a sneaky look at a Laura Ashley bag I'm going to pop into the shop later this week.

I popped to a car boot on Sunday morning very early, and was lucky enough to get three things on my car boot wish list since last October: an overlocker, a pie maker, and a slow cooker. I can't wait to use all three. Though perhaps not simultaneously. I have not a clue how to use any of them, but I'm hoping the instructions will be idiot proof. I also picked up some balls of wool for just 20 pence each... not bad, eh.
Now, off to look at my overlocker, finish some more fabric bunting, and have some cocoa. Thanks so much for stopping by - and thank you for your terrific and supportive comments on my last couple of posts.


TattingChic said...

Cute fabric letters! You've done a nice job with them. :)

bekimarie said...

The slow cooker is easy to use, you just switch it on. Couldn't be without mine.
How weird, i'm just about to cut out a fabric A for a bloggy friend.
Have a good week.
Beki xxx

MelMel said...

How lovely!
Your so clever!xxx

Floss said...

I have some great (parctically vintage) slo cooker recipes which I could scan for you if you need some! Once you've got the hang of the preparation and the timing, then you can make up your own, of course.

The fabric letters are great. Personally, I don't know what letters I would choose, unless it was everyone's initials. I really like our house to be home for all the family, so I wouldn't like to leave anyone out!

angel said...

S'all MINGING........
wondered where you was Lastic, how are my adopted icklies, ok i hope, did you give them loads of sweets and chocolate....hum.... good girl, i like to know they have been well looked after, did you know you cat spoil a good child so you have not spoiled them if you give them everything they want... and breath ...........

The bunting is ok, i could have done better, but i like to know your trying. :-)
I have an overlocker dont know how to use it, but i look at it often.

I love bluebells. :-)

I have a Hot cooker fingy too, broke the lid, so i dont have one really do i even though i still have it........ iykwim

Well i have to go now co's i am knacked, it is good to know your ok.:-)

Love and hugs honey MWAH XXXXXXXXXX

Elaine said...

Lacey, they are gorgeous!!!!

Love and blessings

Tracey said...

Love the fabris initials!
I have something for you at my blog :)

Lulu said...

those are so pretty..

Andrea said...

Beatiful letters. I love them. Its a great idea.

melanie said...

Sounds like you have had a lovely weekend. Love your letters. Your pie maker sounds greta, you will have to let us know what type's of pies you make in it, and how good it is. xxx

Sal said...

I love the fabric letters idea!!

Mary Poppins said...

Lovely well done and the bag looks adorable :)

I sent a little fabric J to Beki, and found the letter quite fiddly to cut out, I think there are certainly easier letters to do, like an I maybe ;)

I am sitting thinking about something original to make without using google or anything and am finding it really hard, where do you get your inspiration from Lacey.

Don't have a slow cooker here, I am too lazy to wait for my food LOL

Enjoy your day


Mary Poppins said...

Thanks for your lovely reply, I do have little ideas, and then stumble across similar on Etsy etc and it kind of puts me off wanting to do it. I think your idea of not googling etc is brilliant then you know it has come from your own heart and that is what is important, though we all do need a little inspiration every now and then ;)


Elizabethd said...

The letters are so attractive, what nice ideas you have!

Carol said...

Your letters a brilliant, great style. I have not visited your i am off now for peep.

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I've gave you an award over on my site.xxxx

Primrose Corner said...

Love the bunting - very pretty. Enjoy your new toys fromt the car boot sale.

Gingerbread said...

Lovely work with the fabric, nice and cheerful looking. best wishes Julie.C

Mrs Crafty said...

I am loving those letters. I had thought of putting felt ones on bunting but not actually sewing them. What a fabby idea!!

Jan Verhoeff said...

What a cute idea! I love the letters, they'll be a great addition to my granddaughter's room. I've been trying to come up with something to use to help her decorate her room and those letters are a spectacular idea - I can spell out her name in her favorite fabrics.


Sarah said...

I've just been brousing around your blog and I have to say I'm very impressed! You must be a very creative person as you have such lovely ideas. The Cath Kidson fabrics are so lovely and the letters you have made fabulous. What a great idea! I'll have to bookmark you for sure.

Shabby Chick said...

Glad you had a good weekend, I love your bunting letters!

Mel xxx

Polka Dot Daze said...

I LOVE it! So lovely.

Polka Dot Daze said...

I LOVE it! So lovely.

Anonymous said...

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