Thursday, 7 May 2009

What a lot of fun...

I've had such a fun day making another commission for my shop - I'm loving making up the letters, cos I get to play with my Cath Kidston fabric. Yay! I've also had a rather nice addition to my patchwork squares today - you may remember that almost a year ago I signed up to receive 10 patches a month from my local patchwork shop. Just look at what arrived this morning.

Lovely, 1930s inspired prints.

And last month were these, which I also adore. I'll have to get busy with thinking what I can usefully do with them.

I've had a couple of bad months with the patches, but for the most part they've been brill, and I love the mystery of it when the little envelope drops onto the mat.

Speaking of nice prints, at the car boot on Sunday, I picked up this beautiful silk Gap skirt - I'd been wanting a retro silk skirt, and there it was. I'm so pleased with it.

Now, I have to go shove a lasagne in the oven - bit of a puzzle for you, if you've gotten this far (thank you, if so!). Why does my littleun love bolognaise, shepherd's pie, pasta and bolognaise bake, homemade meatballs, etc, etc... and hate lasagne? I just don't get it. So every so often, I try making one again... cos we all love it. He'll be moaning tonight, I know already. Sigh. Can't please everybody, I guess.
Thank you so much for dropping by. And thank you for my awards - thank you to Melanie for this one

I'm supposed to pass it on to 10 blogs... but everywhere I've visited recently has this award... I'd love to give it especially to:
Bloomin' Myrtle
Sal's Snippets
Painting New Memories
Tatting Chic
Sewhot Mitmot

Thank you all for having lovely blogs that really do make my heart smile when I visit.

I was also the lucky recipient of this one...

This is the Bella award, meant for blogs that are really lovely and new to you. I think it's really pretty. It was given to me by Tracey, who had very rightfully got it herself because her blog is scrummy. Take a look. I need to pass it on to blogs I've recently found, so I need to have a think about that.
Thank you both for my awards.


Floss said...

The patchwork squares by the month club is absolutely fantastic! I was amazed and inspired by the Obama Inauguration quilts, which used so many patriotic American fabrics. It's good to see some patriotic British ones in your collection! The lasagne problem might be the cheese sauce - that's what bothered my youngest for the longest time???

Anonymous said...

I agree it's probably the cheese sauce. My daughter wouldn't touch shepherds pie because of the mash for a number of years, even though she like bolognaise, lasagne etc etc. I mean, what child doesnt like mash??

Josie-Mary said...

I love the idea of the patchwork club, what a nice surprise each month.
The skirt is lovely, well done!! :)

Elaine said...

I just love your bunting, it would make a lovely wedding keepsake that could double as decor at the "do" too!!
I knew you had the award, you are worth everyone you get *mwah*

Love and blessings

ps. I'm sure those cabinets must be full by now, so if you don't have room for those gorgeous patches .....................

Mummy Boo Bear said...

such yummy fabrics! love the patriotic ones. I am also loving your letter banners very pretty.

I have to say my eldest pretty much hates everything I make for tea. But i agree it could be the cheese sauce that is what always makes me a bit wary of lasgne. Sometimes the sauce can be a bit strong?!!? although that might just be my strange little thing.


Elizabethd said...

I've bought a lot of vintage CK and LA patchwork squares from e bay recently. I have a quilt in mind....for sometime!

Mary Poppins said...

Thank you for the lovely award, apologies in advance I am not too hot on getting these up, too lazy by far but thank you kindly for thinking of me :)

I adore the skirt, there was an Autograph for M&S one I adored, I think it may have been two years ago and had the Eiffel Tower on it and Parisian scenes, I couldn't get hold of one and yours reminds me of that, it is beautiful :)

I reckon its the cheese too ;)


Tracey said...

I love the pink fabric with the kitties on it!
The second award was from me :)

Anonymous said...

You are so welcome! I'm pleased you like your award! I love your prints, there fabulous. xxx

claire said...

Drooling whilst reading today Lacey :) xxx
those fabric patches are just gorgeous as is the skirt. Oh I wish I could find something as stunning....
My husband has the same lasagne issues (and ds1 too) yet they'll eat everything else mince related??
tres annoying!! xxx

angel said...

Oooh patchwork squares... yummy scrummy.
I love your bunting, its lovely.
Now as for commisions, can you do a load for the wedding....Elaine gave me the idea. fanks Lainey.:-)
I want lots of it, but only one lots that spells out their names.
:-) Whajfink, wanna do it?

Now back to your post, you deserve the awards, though not as much as i do, but i suppose i cant be greedy all the time....*titter* ... and your post are improving with time.... *chortle* one day you will be able to blog just as well as me..... *Belly Laugh*........

Love ya Lastic, you know i do.:-)

Love and moosive snogs...
Oh and give the boy what he wants, he needs chips and burgers and more chips, but nothing Healthy. lol

angel said...

If you read Laineys comment, she says they would make lovely Wedding ingys, so thats where i gotted the idea.:-)

I shall be in sunny Barcelona on the 16th DD hen weekend, may even do a shirley....:-)

I shall email you about the bunting honey. Mwah XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Oh and give the boy what he wants, Lasagna dont do it like a Maccy D's
does...... poor boy..:-)


Lajoni said...

oh I've just seen this Lacey, thank you so much and I absolutely adore your padded letters bunting...think I will deffo have to order some at a later date when I decide what letters I would like ...and thanks again xxx

Bluebell said...

Love the bunting :)